Giggster helps photographers and filmmakers find filming locations

Giggster is an app that helps professional shooters find the perfect location for film and photo productions.

Leveraging the gig-economy, Giggster allows photographers to browse various rental spaces in a specific location, displaying a range of results that might even sting creativity.

The app is similar to Airbnb but focused on lens-based practices. The lists are divided into four main categories; residential, commercial, studio and transportation.

The company says its relationship with tenants is “based on trust”. And cancellations, overtime, dispute resolution, and insurance policies are all covered by its product.

If a production team likes the look of a venue but the price is out of budget, users can request a discounted rate from the host. Giggster takes a nine percent processing fee on each booking.

Like Airbnb, each listing has multiple photos for the viewer to read and more details about the property are posted, such as location, parking, rules, crew access, features, and amenities.

Once selected, cameramen and videographers can expect to receive a response from their chosen location within 24 hours where the host can request additional details and confirm if the location is available at the requested time.

Giggster has automatically generated a full location agreement which must be completed by both parties. Credit cards will be charged the full amount once the reservation has been accepted by the host.

The company strongly recommends “only submit a reservation request when you are certain that a cancellation is very unlikely”.

Global reach

Gigster has locations all over the world, but destinations such as Los Angeles and New York are incredibly popular and have more listings.

The company’s Instagram page boasts of music videos filmed in South Pasadena, California. While also announcing locations in Canada, Australia and the UK.

Rental conditions

To rent a property from a creative on Giggster, the host must either own the property or have written approval from the owner to rent it. Good photos of the location are also a requirement.

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