Greece to tighten rules on Airbnb multiple rentals

Athens, Greece

Short-term tourist rental operators renting dozens of properties will see changes in the legal frameworksaid the Greek Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikiliasadding that hosts with one or two Airbnbs will not be affected.

Speaking to public broadcaster ERT on Tuesday, Kikilias referred to a series of revised rules regarding short-term rentals which aims to ensure fair play in terms of tourist reception. “Those who rent one or two apartments with the aim of having an additional income will not be affected by the legislative changes”, he specified, specifying however that “those who have made it a profession leasing rent tensor even 150 and 200 properties… those who actually benefit from hotel privileges but with less taxation, will see changes, possibly in the tax framework”.

Earlier this fall, Kikilias announced a set of actions aimed at regulating the short-term rental activity especially given the growing market demand for Airbnbs in Greece and in response to requests from hoteliers.

Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias.

Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias.

The minister went on to refer to efforts to extend the tourist season, which are bearing fruit, he said, adding that the ministry had signed agreements with 11 airlines to continue flights in November and until March. Popular Greek destinations reported strong arrivals in November, Kikilias said, adding that the ministry was also promoting Greece as a winter destination through its “Greece has a winter” and “greek ending*» campaigns.

Also in this sense, the Minister referred to the measures taken to stimulate domestic tourism to popular remote destinations through the “Tourism for all“Subsidized holiday scheme. He went on to announce that at the end of January, a new round of support will be announced for 125,000 beneficiaries.

Finally, the Minister said that Greece had managed despite the ongoing disruptions to manage to see income related to tourism. beat the initial forecast of 3 billion euros for 2022, which he says will boost the average Greek family income in this difficult time.

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