Here’s how to book a stay at Seth Rogen’s Creative Retreat in Los Angeles

It’s time to immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Seth Rogengloopy ceramics and fragrant grass.

in a new partnership with Airbnb, Rogen is hosting an overnight stay at his creative retreat for the very first time. On February 15, 16 and 17, two lucky guests per night will get to witness the actor’s creative process up close as he guides them through his favorite activities and introduces his beloved Houseplant. cannabis and housewares business – products.

Planted in the heart of Los Angeles, the space will be a creative and avant-garde paradise. In addition to Rogen’s own pottery creations, the space will include an actual ceramics studio, and Houseplant’s beautiful homewares will also be on display. Guests will be teleported to a mid-century inspired space surrounded by greenery, and they can marvel at spectacular views of the city.

Visual exploration will not be the only activity available. Guests will have the chance to get down to business and practice Rogen’s pottery tips at the ceramic studio. In the name of good vibes, there will also be a collection of Houseplant Record Sets available, and guests will have the chance to listen to a curated list of songs inspired by different cannabis strains. A well-stocked fridge will ensure everyone gets their daily snack, and once the stay is over, guests will receive a goody bag of houseplant favourites, including Seth’s ashtray and the new vinyl box set Vol. 2, among others.

“I don’t know what’s more of a houseplant vibe than a creative retreat in a mid-century Airbnb filled with our household items, a potter’s wheel, and an incredible view of LA,” Rogen said in a statement provided to Thrillist. “Add me, and you’ll have the ultimate experience.”

If this sounds like your ideal retreat, you’ll be happy to know that booking is pretty straightforward and not a contest. Beginning February 7 at 10:00 a.m. PT, fans residing in the United States can request to book the night via this link for $42 plus taxes and fees. Travel to and from Los Angeles is not included, so be sure to take care of that on your own terms.

Take a look at some photos of the stunning space below:

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