Hotel Indigo Bangkok introduces CHAR Bangkok’s new Executive Chef Jimmy Rojas

Born in Mexico, Chef Jimmy has since traveled the world and worked in hotels and resorts as well as Michelin star restaurants in 17+ countries.

Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road Hotel announce the appointment of the Chief Jaime “Jimmy” Rojas as chef for CHARRestaurant and CHAR rooftop bar. Also known as CHAR Bangkok, this dining destination spans the top two floors of the hotel and invites guests to enjoy sweeping views of the Bangkok city skyline from a rooftop bar at the 26th floor and a contemporary grill on the 25th floor with its own private restaurant. dining room called CHAR private dining room.

Born in Mexico, Chef Jimmy has since traveled the world and worked in hotels and resorts as well as Michelin star restaurants in 17+ countries. This globetrotting experience is intertwined with his cuisine, and Chef Jimmy is passionate about celebrating each country’s local ingredients while approaching each dish as a chance to create a new variety of flavors. “For me, I want my cooking to spark connections and conversations. Dining out means your food is more than just a quick meal, it’s an indulgence and should be a party,” he said before adding “I want people to take a bite and be like ‘do I like this or do I love this?'”.

With this in mind, Chef Jimmy has launched an all-new menu for CHAR Restaurant which sees this passion in his signature CHAR dishes such as Roast Pork Belly, first prepared sous vide for 24 hours and served with creamy polenta. , cilantro chimichurri and sautéed bok choy. Lobster rice is another example that seamlessly blends European and Asian influences on one plate, with carnaroli rice prepared with a sofrito of gochujang and served with wakame, mussels, edamame, aioli with turmeric and the meat of a whole Boston lobster. Regulars of the CHAR restaurant will be delighted that the traditional concept of the “surprise menu” remains, where chef Jimmy and his team will serve you a 3 or 5 course meal inspired by the best products of the day and a good dose of creativity. Grill lovers can also satisfy their cravings with a selection of premium beef such as Wagyu beef tenderloin, wood-fired tomahawk, fire-grilled rack of lamb and more. Even the dessert menu has had a makeover, with new classics like Crème Brûlée and Polenta Corncake served with dulce de leche, caramelized bacon and coffee ice cream.

“While our spectacular views remain the same, I’m thrilled that our regulars and new diners at CHAR Restaurant will experience Chef Jimmy’s new perspective first-hand and look forward to kicking off our other projects that will mark CHAR’s full return. Bangkok at the Forefront of the Bangkok Culinary Scene,” said Jennifer Viviane, general manager of the hotel. Chef Jimmy’s other upcoming projects include exclusive Chef’s Tasting Menus, all-new dining experiences, and the launch of CHAR Restaurant’s holiday season offerings.

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