How to Avoid Problems Using the “New” Airbnb

A tiny home in Toulouse, a chalet in Charlotte Pass or a cabin under the northern lights. Whatever your taste or budget, there are ways to maximize your Airbnb experience.

With the May 2022 launch of a new Airbnb platform billed as the biggest change to Airbnb in a decade, potential guests can now narrow their search based on the type of experience they want.

Featuring over 50 categories, the curated collection not only improves your chances of finding “the right one”, but it might also bring up something you never thought of. A yellow submarine in a forest in New Zealand maybe?

The redesigned website and app also features Split Stays, an innovative feature that provides more options for longer stays by splitting your trip between two homes, and Air Cover, which includes trip cancellation protection. host, listing inaccuracies, and other issues like registration issues. are caveats, so read the fine print. And read it again.

Beyond guarantees, the best way to avoid problems is to identify the features essential to your stay. “Use the filters, it will save you time and ensure your options are narrowed down to the most appropriate,” says Julie Jones, regular Airbnb user and co-founder of Airbnb. Travel without limits Have Wheelchair Will Travel magazine and website. With a wheelchair user in the family, step-free access is a key requirement for Julie.

Filters also allow you to identify dog-friendly properties, those with pools or cribs, to find out if self-check-in is available or if smoking is allowed. Julie suggests sending a message (you can click Contact Host before you even book) if you’re unsure if the property will be suitable or if the photos aren’t enough to give the necessary information.

Be flexible with dates. Some properties offer discounts for weekly or monthly bookings, early bird or last minute deals, or paid two-for-three packages during low season. “Check if the property is listed on other booking platforms,” says Julie. “We once saved several hundred dollars by researching and finding that another platform had a deal on the same listing.”

Need to cancel? Some establishments offer free cancellation up to 48 hours, others up to the day before the start of the stay, others not at all. Although you can find cancellation details on the registration page, read the terms and policies before paying.

Reservation changes are made directly between guests and hosts and may or may not be approved.

“Ask for a late checkout, hosts may not always be able to give it to you, but you never know,” says Lucy E. Cousins, Airbnb host at Blackheath Artist Cottage in the NSW Blue Mountains. “Even an extra hour is holiday gold.”

“If the Airbnb is in Australia, arrange a delivery from Coles or Woolies a few hours after you arrive. That way you won’t need to pack food or shop when you get there.”

Do some local research before you arrive. “Guests often don’t realize just how big the Blue Mountains region really is,” says Lucy. “Or they don’t book the restaurants they want and can’t get a table.”

Finally, do an extra check before you go.

“We have a lot of people leaving things behind – more than you might think,” says Lucy. “We’re left with $200 coats and expensive jewelry (and a black Amex!).”

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