I stayed in a hotel room in Dublin and was absolutely shocked by something I found – it made me so happy

A WOMAN has told how she was ‘shaken’ by what she found in her posh hotel room in Dublin.

Irish TikTok user Kathryn, who can be found on the social media platform at @ksnell5recently downloaded a video tour of the room.


Kathryn is shocked by what she finds in her room
She showed her subscribers around her bedroom before showing off the surprise find


She showed her subscribers around her bedroom before showing off the surprise find

Kathryn was staying at the Castleknock Hotel in Dublin for a work trip.

She started by showing the spacious hotel room from the hallway before going into the bathroom to show off the luxury toiletries and the lovely bathtub.

She said: “The bathroom is just, like, fabulous – has all these products which I love.”

Later in the visit, she enters the central area of ​​the room where the bed and the desk with the mini coffee machine are.

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Then Kathryn finally reveals the element that really knocked her down, saying, “But what actually shook me the most was having a Dyson in the room!

“Like, oh my god, I’ve never had a Dyson in a hotel room before, so I’m just looking forward to using it in the morning.”

At the end of her room tour, Kathryn said, “Yeah, so I can’t wait to stay here for the next two nights and get to use my Dyson!”

She added: “That’s probably the nicest perk I’ve ever had in a hotel room.”

by Katherine ICT Tac Fans were completely surprised that her hotel room had a Dyson hair dryer.

One commented, “What!!! A Dyson?” with a shocked face emoji.

A second user commented: “Is the Dyson in every room?”

Another commented: “This is a great hotel, one of the best around.”


In the meantime, for vacationers looking for a room of unique quality, a superb rental has been unearthed Liege.

TikTokker Amy, who shares videos on the social media platform under the username @amy_wotutalkin, gave her followers an inside look at a school bus that’s also an Airbnb.

From the outside, the property looks like a regular yellow school bus, with ‘D’School Bus’ written on the side and front.

There is a small outside seating area and steps leading to the double doors.

Handrails have been fitted along the doors for those who need assistance and the original driver’s area is still intact.

As Amy entered the bus, she turned to her right to show off a gorgeous purple painting on the walls and door.

There is a fully equipped kitchen with a sink, drainer, extractor hood, microwave and utensils.

Gorgeous wooden counters and a table line the main area of ​​the bus, with gorgeous tiled flooring.

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The original handrails with stop buttons give the Airbnb extra character.

Heading to the back of the bus, Amy revealed a mini fridge and a black leather sofa – perfect for kicking back and relaxing in front of the huge flat screen TV.

Kathryn was shocked to see a Dyson in her hotel room


Kathryn was shocked to see a Dyson in her hotel room

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