Illusionist Mervant Vera brings a new form of entertainment to Rittenhouse Square

Illusionist Mervant Vera brings a new kind of entertainment to Rittenhouse Square

By Afea Tucker

“Deceptions: A Magical Night of Mystery and Deception” is Philadelphia’s new entertainment option on Rittenhouse Square. It presents the “master of deception”, the illusionist Mervant Vera.

“I’m kind of a trailblazer,” Vera said. “I am the first magician to perform in downtown Philadelphia. I love it, and the reason is, well, it’s a joint venture between Glu Hospitality that owns Vesper and Smoke and Mirrors Magic Theater.

The Smoke and Mirrors Magic Theater, located in northeast Philadelphia, is quite similar to the magic capital of the world, Colon, Michigan, where the magical supply house, Abbott’s Magic Co. is located, according to Vera.

“Honestly, this is probably one of the finest magic theaters in the country, right here in Philadelphia,” Vera added. “A lot of people don’t know it, but they would have sold out all the time with traveling magicians from all over the world.”

“Deceptions: A Magical Night of Mystery and Deception” showcasing the many talents of Vera – who goes by the stage name “Mervant the Deceptionist” – launched on November 18 and currently takes place every Thursday and Saturday at 6.30pm at Vesper Center -ville, 223 S. Sydenham St.

Since pivoting during the pandemic, Glu Hospitality recently announced the start of this all-new weekly entertainment and cocktail experience featuring the Philadelphia native and master illusionist.

“I was born and raised in Philly – I’m from West Oak Lane,” Vera said. “This is where I grew up. I’ve moved to Pennsylvania a bit, but I’ve been in Philadelphia for more than half of my life. When I went to college I did a bunch of different things and came back to Philly and now I have my own show.

“Deceptions: A Magical Night of Mystery and Deception” brings a new dimension of entertainment to the city. Over the past five years, Vera has grown into one of the most sought-after artists in the region and around the world, performing for both celebrities and corporations.

“Glu Hospitality is about creating unforgettable experiences and moments that bring together excellent cuisine, quality cocktails, unique spaces and top-notch entertainment,” said Tim Lu, partner of Glu Hospitality. “During the pandemic, we worked hard to perfect new menus, expand the use of our space and launch new programming. ”

After reviewing a diverse range of talents, Vera became the top pick.

“There are thousands of magicians to choose from and they chose me,” Vera said.

Vera first captivated people around the world, including Glu Hospitality and Smoke and Mirror Magic Theater, after producing a successful virtual magic experience for Airbnb.

“I did it from home. I became the number one magician for Airbnb, ”Vera said. “I have been put on their home page all over the world. Since COVID, I have done over 700 virtual shows and have almost 700 five-star reviews. “

Before becoming a leading magician, illusionist, and mentalist, Vera’s interest in magic was sparked in her late teens at the University of East Stroudsburg in the Poconos as a first-year student. cycle.

“I was a little late in flowering,” he said. “A lot of people start magic when they’re kids. I started magic around the age of 18.

Vera’s first magic show – which he put on himself – took place on his college campus.

“I was already interested in magic watching magicians on TV, and my college ended up bringing in a few magicians to do shows, and I thought it was so interesting,” he said. declared. “Then one day I walked up to a mentalist I had met at the time and asked him, ‘Hey, are you making a lot of money doing this? And he said, ‘Oh, you can if you do that right, you can make a million dollars a year.’ And I started to think ‘wow, this is really interesting.’ “

For over 14 years now, Vera has been perfecting her art.

“I’ve been in entertainment my whole life,” he said. “I write music. I also grew up playing. I have a background in theater. I have a degree in theater and have always had I have always been an artist.

Magic is definitely an art form where you don’t do it for the money, Vera said.

“I should even say that you can’t even get really good at magic or mentalism unless you have a genuine interest in it,” he added.

Vera believes that many times success in magic begins with curiosity.

“It’s really an empathetic art form, because I don’t have the opportunity to experience magic as a magician,” he said. “I never experience magic per se. The experience I get is seeing the reaction as a viewer, giving people those moments of amazement.

During the unique and intimate show at Vesper Center City, Vera combines music with breathtaking magic during her shows, delivering energetic performances featuring comedy, drama, and interactive audience participation.

“At Deceptions, you’ll get some of the best magic in the world,” he said. “People who come here will not only have a show, but it’s a full experience, from the experience of being in the speakeasy to going in and seeing the magic that you might see on stage in Vegas or things you might have seen in “America’s Got Talent”, and that’s the intimacy of it.

“It doesn’t happen on a giant stage where you’re 50 feet away,” Vera concluded. “The people in the room are immersed in a smaller space. It actually allows us to have a closer relationship with the audience where you don’t watch the show, you are an integral part of the show yourself.

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