Inside some of Idaho’s quirky getaways

As the weather starts to cool, you might be considering a weekend getaway.

And while there are many amazing places to stay, in this week’s Inside Idaho we take a look at hotels in the shape of… artifacts and other unique getaways.

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Sleeping “in the doghouse” is usually not where you want to be. However, the first destination on the list doesn’t look too brutal.

Dog Bark Park Inn

Photo via Dog Bark Park Inn website.

Standing at Cottonwood is a shaped bed and breakfast a huge beagle. The Dog Bark Park Inn is operated by chainsaw artists Dennis & Frances who not only built the inn, but also carved the furniture inside.

According to the website, there are dogs carved on the queen size headboard, the loft is located in the dog’s head, and the hosts offer dog-shaped cookies on the pillow. The hostel sleeps four and has a view of the meadow from the second deck on the hostel.

Big Idaho Potato Hotel

Photo via Airbnb announcement.

Just outside of Boise, on 400 acres of farmland, is a massive 6 ton, 28 foot long potato. He once crossed the country in the back of a semi-trailer as part of the Idaho Big Potato Tour.

Then owner and designer Kristie Wolfe transformed it into an overnight stay for two with amenities including power outlets, a mini-fridge, old playing records, and a custom-made queen-size bed, according to the Airbnb list.

Idaho Castle

Photo via VRBO list.

No need to go to Europe to stay in a castle. It’s because there is one here in our state. Idaho Castle is located on a hill overlooking Lake Pend Oreille in Hope, Idaho.

The 6,300 square foot chateau has 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms that can accommodate up to 16 people. As well as being available for vacation rental, it is also a wedding reception venue.

Smiley Creek Tipi Lodge

Photo via list of lodges.

Nestled under the Sawtooth Mountains in Sawtooth City, Idaho is the Smiley Creek Tipi Lodge.

This could be classified as “glamping” (aka glamorous camping) because inside is a queen size bed with electric mattress, a bench, a wooden floor with showers and bathrooms nearby. The lodge is a popular winter vacation for snowmobilers.

Surveyor’s Belvedere

Courtesy photo Elisabeth Brentano via the Visit Idaho site.

Atop a 30-foot tower in the middle of the Mallard-Larkins Pioneer Zone near Placerville is a former fire observation post turned into a lodge. The lodge sits atop Surveyors Ridge at an elevation of 6,000 feet.

Sleeping up to four people, the lodge has plenty of amenities including a stove, refrigerator and more. From the belvedere, you can access many hiking trails. There is also access to fishing as it sits right between the Little North Fork Clearwater River Basins and the North Fork Clearwater River.

As part of the national forest rental program, you can book a stay on the website.

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