Irish pensioner stabbed to death in Spanish resort town of Benidorm

A beach in Benidorm. Credit: Balasioiu Sorin Ionut/

An Irish pensioner has been stabbed to death in the famous Spanish resort of Benidorm.

A Briton has reportedly been arrested for stabbing the 68-year-old Irishman in the Costa Blanca resort of Benidorm.

Two men were reportedly stabbed, including the Irishman, who was initially resuscitated at the scene.

The altercation, which happened around 10.30am on Thursday, is believed to have taken place in Rincon de Loix – an area nicknamed ‘Little England’, on a street called Avenida Estocolmo, a short walk from Benidorm’s famous Levante beach.

Medical experts have confirmed the Irishman was taken to hospital where he has since died, Spanish police have confirmed.

A second stabbed man was also taken to hospital, reports the Irish Mirror.

Local media described them as a 62-year-old Briton and a 68-year-old Irishman.

A spokesman for a regional emergency response coordination center said: “The older of the two men was very serious and required resuscitation at the scene.

“The young man was less serious but was also taken to hospital with stab wounds.”

According to local police sources, the 62-year-old was arrested at Marina Baixa Hospital, near Villajoyosa, but there is no further information on his condition and whether he was under police surveillance.

The spokesman for the regional emergency coordination center said: ‘The alert received by paramedics was that a man was injured in the street and another inside a property.

A police spokesman said: ‘We are aware of an incident and will issue a formal statement later today.

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