Is that luxurious $2,000 per night Texoma AirBnB worth it?

All that snow and ice we’ve had over the past two days, I wish I had been in a cozy cabin in the woods. After scrolling through Airbnb for the past two days, I found this awesome cabin here in Texoma that would make an amazing weekend getaway. The only problem is that it’s priced pretty high at $2,000 a night!

Well, this luxurious cabin is nestled in the woods of Kingston Oklahoma near Lake Texoma. Looking at all this rental property has to offer, $2,000 a night might not be such a bad deal. This spacious residence has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms and can even accommodate more than 30 people. With 6 different bedrooms to choose from, you’re sure to get a good night’s sleep in one of these cozy beds. There’s even a room full of bunk beds for the kids.

This cabin is perfect if you receive several guests. The living room overlooks the lake and the swimming pool ideal for cooling off during the summer months. The pool even has a tiki bar that lets you serve food and drinks to swimmers at a pool party. Upstairs, you’ll find a great game room filled with shuffleboard, a pool table, pool table, and even a Pac-Man arcade game.

My absolute favorite part of this cabin is the movie room. You can kick back and watch a movie, a football game or even binge on your favorite Netflix series on the big screen, complete with surround sound system. There’s even a sofa in the cinema room, so you can get cozy with your sweetheart while watching a romantic movie.

And of course, we can’t forget the massive galley in this cabin. Even if you’re not exactly a chef or a cooking student, you can prepare delicious dishes in this place. If you are serving multiple guests or having a Thanksgiving dinner in this cabin, the dining area comfortably seats 14 people at the dining room table. There is even a bar to serve breakfast or drinks.

With everything this cabin offers, I’d say it’s well worth the price. I have some photos posted below. You can check out this rustic Airbnb cabin online and even rent it out for yourself by click here.

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This luxurious cabin located right on Lake Texoma is the perfect place to entertain large groups of people. There’s even a pool with a tiki bar. The cabin even has a game room complete with shuffleboard, a pool table and a poker table, you can entertain guests for hours.

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