Is this friends in Chicago themed Airbnb ‘experience’ worth $90?

Probably not.

But don’t take my word for it. let’s look the list.

But first, did you know that Airbnb now offers “Experiences”?

From what I can tell, it could be guided tours, magic shows, art lessons, and even a guy walking you down the street to show you where the good hot- dogs.

It’s pretty wild, and I think I’d like a taco version of this tour.

I checked, no taco tour but this lady will teach you how make a paella for $80 and it sounds awesome.

This brings us to Experience with friendsor as it’s titled on the website, The One w/ Fun & Games between Friends at Monica & Chandler’s.


It’s run by a man named Brian, a man with “teaching and public speaking experience…I love finding new ways to connect around common interests like TV shows. favorite TV”.

The experience takes place in his apartment in Evanston “a few steps from the purple line”. There seems to be an experiment running every Thursday and Friday MORNING from 10A to 1230P.

The description of the experiment is so stuffed with references, I’ll just post it here,

How are you doing’?!

Come dressed as your favorite character as your life becomes a morning sitcom. Immerse yourself in this alternate universe curated by professor, speaker and fanboy, Brian Michalski, in his Chicagoland home.

Relax on the famous orange sofa sipping countless cups of coffee or tea (alcohol not provided/allowed). Don’t tell Joey while you cuddle up to Hugsy during your favorite episode in the black leather recliner.

Go on a selfie hunt looking for the series’ most iconic objects. Brian also shares resources if you also want to build your own collection of original replicas and memorabilia inspired by the show. Pull up a mismatched chair while you decorate your own keepsake mug to take home.

Enter a Gellar-like headspace by also answering trivial questions based on the show, play a game of foosball, and build a giant poking device! Can you figure out which cookie is baked with Phoebe’s grandma’s “secret” recipe?

You’ll even get your very own Crap Bag filled with treats. Could I be more excited to welcome you and your team? ! Act now, because this limited commitment runs until June 2022.


Oh. My. God! I’m only a three minute walk from the Dempster Purple Line stop! Suppose it will be delayed for 10-15 minutes. If driving, street parking is available within a half block. Uber or Lyft are also a great option!

I liked Friends and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all the episodes. I think I understood only a third of the references in this essay.

So. It’s $90. It takes place for 2h30 on Thursday and Friday mornings. But what does it look like? Take a look.

You can paint a coffee mug at his dining table.

There are some pictures of them building this long stick. I don’t know what this reference is. They seem to be having fun.

You can look down his hallway.

Maybe play some friend-themed board games?

Highlight of the room is the foosball table. I can’t say if you have to pay to play it.

This is another “shit bag” reference that I don’t understand.

Will I pay Brian $90 for this experience? Absolutely not. It looks like other people are having fun and having fun doing it. Very happy for everyone involved.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go call that lady about the paella.

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