LOS ANGELES, February 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Airbnb named LeadersUp as the recipient to receive a $100,000 donation with the Nasdaq to help local organizations with visions in line with Nasdaq ambitions to advance inclusive growth and prosperity and empower underrepresented communities in their efforts to generate wealth. Other organizations that will receive part of the donation include Central District Health Foundation, which seeks to minimize disparities in access to health care; and Brotherhood Crusadea grassroots organization that works to improve the quality of life of underrepresented communities.


To announce the donation, Airbnb has partnered with Issa Raewho introduced the television world and audiences to his beloved South LA neighborhood for the first time with his on-screen persona Issa Dee, on HBO’s hit show – Insecure. Ahead of Super Bowl LVI held at Sofi Stadium in South Los Angeles last Sunday, companies like Airbnb and Nasdaq aren’t just thinking about football, but also about economic impact and commitment to equitable healthcare, youth development and job creation in the South Los Angeles area.

“Since my series began in 2016, it’s been an honor to showcase the people, culture and businesses that make South LA such a vibrant part of the city,” Issa said when talking about her registration.

On-screen and off-screen, Issa Rae is known for putting on her community. That’s why LeadersUp reinvests 100% of that donation back into the job seekers we serve, letting them know that “we’ve got you all.” This donation will allow LeadersUp to continue its work of creating career paths, jobs and career coaching at BIPOC. LeadersUp will use the donation to create a community impact fund that would break down their community’s barriers to accessing education, mental health and wellness, and technology resources.

“We are sincerely grateful to Airbnb and Nasdaq for including LeadersUp in this grant to advance inclusive growth and prosperity and to empower underrepresented communities in their efforts to generate wealth. This level of investment in speaks volumes about the value and importance of our work in this community and among BIPOC talent in our markets nationwide. Issa Rae, during Superbowl LVI weekend – when the eyes of the nation and beyond are on South Los Angeles – further underscores the importance of highlighting and increasing the visibility of our work to fill the gap between the diverse talents of tomorrow and forward-thinking employers. As major corporations struggle to meet their commitments to fairness and racial justice in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in 2020, and strive to build diverse and inclusive cultures within their organizations, this grant affirms the work we are doing in this space as a thought leader and practitioner to advance an inclusive economy. We are excited to put these funds where the impact is most needed – in the hands of job seekers as they navigate the hiring process.”Jeffrey WallaceLeadersUp CEO

LeadersUp is extremely grateful to Airbnb, NASDAQ and Issa Rae for their commitment to economic empowerment, especially as South Los Angeles residents have used the #Superbowl weekend as an additional source of income.

If you also want to invest in creating a community fund for job seekers who need support beyond career coaching, visit donate today.


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Over the past 7 years, they have engaged with over 200 companies, reached over 60,000 young people and generated over $956 million of economic return thanks to their three main offers: career fairs that provide employer training and on-site hiring opportunities for talent; career coaching this gives a 3:1 interview-to-hire ratio; and consulting services large employers to recruit local talent and forge public-private partnerships to advance diverse hiring. To learn more about how LeadersUp is building a fairer, anti-racist economy, visit

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