July 16: Macdonald replacement, Ukraine can’t give in, Tory dilemma and other letters

Ukraine cannot give in

So Thomas Walkom thinks the best way to deal with a bully is to give him what he wants. It worked very well when dealing with the Crimea situation, and about as well as when dealing with Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, to do anything other than fight back would be incredibly naive.

Conservative pickle

The Conservative Party is in trouble. The current prime minister has become increasingly unpopular with his ethics violations and misuse of emergency law. A strong and viable alternative within the Conservative Party has yet to be fully recognized. The current leadership candidate, Pierre Poilievre, has won seven elections and has a quick wit and an eloquent and direct speaking style, and is 43 years old. The Conservative Party is ready to lead the country. If Poilievre wins, he will be a good match for the Prime Minister. The new leader must establish party unity, as Stephen Harper did. The party needs to increase its support among women. Past polls indicate that the Liberals enjoy about 47% of the female vote and the Conservatives only 23%. The male vote drops from 37% to 35% in favor of the Conservatives. Conservative pollsters should ask women voters what they look for in a leader and what they see as the issues most important to them.

Support Hats

With regard to housing in Hamilton: First, it is essential that council support HATS (Hamilton Alliance for Tiny Shelters). Small houses with supports have proven themselves. Housing is a necessity and a human right.

Interestingly, there seems to be no problem approving homes that have two or three garages. Are our cars worth more than human lives?

Second, it’s wonderful to see the cranes in Hamilton and the new condos being built (hopefully some are geared towards income units). But will there be enough green space? Green spaces are absolutely vital for our mental health, to combat the effects of the climate, to make our city beautiful and above all to provide leisure for children.

Get rid of Russia

Almost every day we hear of another attack on the civilian population of Ukraine by the Russian army. It is rare in history for a country to be totally wrong, but the evidence is clear: Russia started this war with the sole purpose of gaining more territory and changing the borders of a peaceful country. Russia remains a member of the UN. I believe it is time for a vote at the UN to withdraw Russia from this organization.

We need Horwath

There has been much speculation about Andrea Horwath running for mayor of Hamilton.

I’m a downtown resident who speaks for many people who want to see her run. She has experience at various levels of government. She is not afraid to speak her mind and is a collaborator with a vision of a just Hamilton that will take care of the people, the city’s economy and all sectors of our constituents. urban and suburban. She is what Hamilton needs.

Go ahead Mrs. Horwath!

Replacing John A.

I am completely sincere in suggesting that Hamilton replace the statue of the Prime Minister with a statue of Pat Quinn or Boris Brott.

Reclaim the Flag

On “One Way to Reclaim Canada’s Flag…”: I love the idea of ​​co-branding our maple leaf flag to distract Canadian symbolism from a group of white supremacist anarchist idiots . This got me thinking about co-branded flag combinations that wouldn’t work: I like my gun/truck/plaid jacket/VR/NHL. However, there is a wonderful opportunity for an entrepreneur to create and sell a bunch of new co-branded flags. In addition to the Rainbow Flag, I would gladly purchase any of the following themed flags: Indigenous Nations, Canadian Wildlife, Symbol of Diversity, Judge’s Gavel (for the rule of law), to name a few only a few. Cheers!

Intrigued by inflation

Isn’t inflation defined as an increase in the cost of living? Don’t higher borrowing costs increase the cost of producing, importing, processing, transporting and marketing goods? Doesn’t that raise prices? Could someone tell me in simple language how increasing interest rates will reduce inflation?

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