‘Kandi & The Gang’: Meet Shawndreca Robinson, OLG’s self-proclaimed ‘original’ hostess

When it comes to leading an empire, Kandi Burruss certainly knows what it takes. The reality TV star and business owner has many feathers in her hat and among them, she’s a restaurateur. With Blaze and OLG led by her and her husband Todd Tucker, Kandi aims to create a legacy and values ​​the loyalty of her staff and family. So it’s no surprise that some of his OLG employees have been there from the start, as has Shawndreca Robinson.

Bravo’s new reality series “Kandi & The Gang” chronicles how Kandi hopes to restore OLG to its former glory, with help from staff and friends along the way. Looking for other reality TV series to check out during the week? We have what you need. You might want to consider titles like – ‘Doubling Down With the Derricos’, ‘1000lb Best Friends‘, ‘Married at First Sight’ and ‘Joe Millionaire: For the Richest and the Poorest’.

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Who is Shawndreca Robinson?

According to her Bravo biography — “From Buffalo, NY, Shawndreca is OLG’s self-proclaimed first original hostess. She has a sharp tongue that can sometimes get her into trouble with management. Outside of OLG, she is the owner of Shades by Dreca, operates multiple Airbnb rental homes, rents out inflatables for kids, and even provides swimming lessons. That’s a fivefold threat!” Robinson recently spoke to Scream in Atlanta about her fledgling business Shades by Dreca, offering insight into what drove her to start the same.

“Well, as you know, Covid-19 has changed everyone’s life. With the losses and the gains, my world has changed for the better. During the pandemic, I had enough time to reassess my life, my goals, my relationship and taking a leap of faith with God by my side. I have worked over 20 jobs and have never been happy. The pandemic has shown me that I can do anything I wanted. If I could run a medical practice on my own, I could run my own business and I felt free. I’m so proud of myself for running a successful business during a pandemic. I wanted to maintain and keep my freedom.” , she explained.

However, she also explained that not everything was easy for her. Despite this, she continued to work hard to move closer to her own personal goals. “Sometimes you can be at war with your own thoughts telling you, you can’t do it, you’re not good enough, you’re not going to like it. I want people to redirect their thinking to positive thoughts only. If a negative thought can transpire every 15 seconds. Imagine what a positive thought can do to change the way you think day to day. Stop doubting yourself, because if I can do it, you can. you can too. Shades by Dreca will not just become a brand, but I want it to create an EMPIRE!” she added.

“Kandi & the Gang” airs on Bravo March 6 at 9/8c.

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