Kanye West appears to be trolling critics of anti-Semitism with a tweet from a recently restored account

Kanye West appeared to mock those who criticized his anti-Semitic remarks as he returned Twitter during the weekend.

In October, West’s Twitter account was suspended after he shared a number of anti-Semitic posts and claimed he was going to do “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE”.

It was reinstated on the app a few weeks later after Elon Musktakes control of Twitter, but tweeted on Nov. 4 that he “didn’t talk to anyone for a month”during which he would abstain from alcohol, sex and pornography.

However, on Sunday (November 20), West posted on Twitter as he tested to see if his account was working again.

“Testing Testing See if my Twitter is unblocked,” he tweeted.

Later that evening, he tweeted the words, “Shalom :)” in apparent reference to the controversy.

In Hebrew, the word is often used as a greeting, but can also mean peace.

West’s recent controversy began when the rapper – who legally changed his name to Ye – started sharing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on Instagram.

Tweet by West (Twitter)

He was criticized by many of his peers in the music industry, including Lizzo and John Legendwith Legend tweeting, “Weird how all these ‘free and independent thinkers’ always land on the same old anti-darkness and antisemitism.”

His ex-wife Kim Kardashian also released a statement condemning ‘hate speech’ against the Jewish communityalthough she never explicitly mentioned West.

West stood by his comments, saying that he “does not believe” in the term anti-Semitism and continue to share anti-Semitic dog whistles in interviews.

He was barred from brand partnerships with Balenciaga and, after a reported white supremacist group showed his support for West’s comments by hanging a banner on a busy Los Angeles freewayAdidas followed suit.

West had previously bragged that he could maintain his partnership with the sportswear brand no matter what he said, saying: “The thing about Adidas is that I can literally say anti-Semitic shit and they don’t. can’t let me down.”

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