Kara and Guillermo are the first to marry (RECAP)

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé Season 9 Episode 14.]

It took 14 whole weeks for dedicated 90 day fiance viewers to finally see a wedding in Season 9, and it took place in the back of a brewery. We don’t always get the most lavish nuptials on this show, but they’re never boring. Pop some corn and sit in the front row for the first – and maybe only? — a real wedding will take place this season, plus a proposal you never saw coming.

Kara and Guillermo

After assuring Kara that he was not afraid, Guillermo and his wife prepare for their big day. They marry in the back of a German beer hall, a location Kara was able to secure on short notice.

Guillermo lays flowers on a seat to honor his recently deceased brother, Jose Joaquin, and wishes his brother were there to hold his hand on his big day. In the preview for this week’s episode, the edit made it look like Kara was late to the ceremony, but she ends up being on time and walking down the aisle with her mom.

Other than correcting Guillermo’s pronunciation of the word “fulfill” during his vows – he says “a chive” – ​​the ceremony is sweet and they got married without a hitch. In a later interview, Guillermo looks forward to owning a home and having kids.

“We are not procreating today,” insists Kara.

“We can just practice,” Guillermo told him.

Yves and Mohammad


There are 37 days left in Yves and Mohammed’s 90-day odyssey to the altar, and they seem even further apart than ever. Mohammed FaceTimes his mother and grandmother in Egypt and explains in an interview that he has not shared his problems with them until now, and between Yves’ “inappropriate friends” and “the strange ceremony of the fire”, he does not know if it will Do fitness.

After his mother asks him if he feels good in New Mexico, he admits there are a lot of cultural differences. He asks if she thinks Yves should wear Muslim clothes.

“We can’t force her or impose our traditions on her,” she replies, advising her not to try to control Yve. “Be good to her and don’t get in trouble for speaking your mind.” Something clicks with Mohamed after the call and he decides to make an effort to understand Yves’ culture, as difficult as it may be for him.

Ten days later, Yve and Mohamed have dinner at a restaurant and she browses the wine list much to her chagrin. She tells him she’s just watching and not ordering a drink.

Yve says in an interview that she feels tense, like everything she is doing is wrong, and is questioning the marriage. She tells Mohamed that she wants less intensity in their relationship, and he says they are learning. Feeling supported is important to her and she asks if he can handle her, or if they are just too different. He says everyone in the United States is different and he understands.

“Let’s forget what happened and we can start over,” he suggests.

He gets up from the table and tells her that he would like to show her the view outside. They enter the courtyard lit by outdoor heat lamps. He shows a bouquet of flowers he bought for her, and as she looks at them, he pulls a ring box out of his pocket and drops to his knees, proposing again. She is very surprised, but says yes. They decide to forgive themselves for having been so stressed over the past two months.

Emily and Kobe


Five days before the wedding, Emily and Kobe are in the car with her friend Temperature, and Kobe won’t translate what he and Temperature are talking about, which is how controlling Emily is in the relationship. They show Temperature their bedroom in the basement of Emily’s parents’ house, and he suggests they move to Columbus, Ohio, where he and millions of other Cameroonians live. Emily doesn’t like the idea and says they’ll have to live with her parents for a few years to get back on their feet.

Temperature blurts out that Kobe told her that Emily was pregnant again, and she angrily leaves the room and later drives Temperature back to her hotel with a clear disdain on her face.

Three days later, while Kobe is tending to the horses in the barn, Emily picks up her tablet and notices an apartment search in Columbus. She blows her top off, goes to the barn, and insists they don’t move and don’t pull it up again.

“This relationship will never work for me if I am the only one who compromises,” he notes in an interview.

Jibri and Miona

Three days before their wedding, Jibri and Miona leave her parents’ house and drive from South Dakota to Joshua Tree in California, where Miona has rented an Airbnb that will also serve as the wedding site.

A week earlier, Jibri’s parents pointed out that the young couple would have to find their own accommodation within the next few months, but Jibri said they would leave earlier. He admits in an interview that despite his recent tension with his mother, Mahala, he is a “mama’s boy” and he really hopes his parents will find a way to surprise them and go to California.

Jibri’s father, Brian, still thinks it’s wrong for Jibri and Miona to rush to get married. He doesn’t think their relationship is where it needs to be.

“When we act impulsively, there are consequences,” adds Mahala. She is upset that one of those consequences is that they won’t be able to see their son get married.

Bilal and Shaida


Bilal’s mother, Halalah, comes to the house to tell Shaeeda about the wedding, which is in 10 days, and – of course – that unsigned prenup. Shaeeda complains that Bilal is still in business mode with her and he shouldn’t make his partner feel like a suspect. Halalah tells him that Allah teaches them to put agreements in writing and that Bilal took a long time to open his heart because he was hurt before.

“If you know you have a good man,” she said, “you should find a way to make peace.”

Shaeeda realizes that she had the wrong approach with Bilal and shouldn’t always try to be right. Halalah assures her that Bilal told her that he thinks the world of her, and that every day their love will grow.

Later that day, Shaeeda finally agrees to sign the prenup, but she still wants to add a clause that they will have children before she turns 40 and one that says Bilal will help her open a yoga studio, but will not share the profits. Bilal says he can accept that, but reveals in an interview that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to have a baby anytime soon.

Patrick and Thais


With 10 days to get married, Thais packs her bags and the natural conclusion is to think she’s going back to Brazil. She reveals that she is actually packing up to go to Boston with Patrick to meet her mother and sister, and then to Orlando to get married. Well done with the big fake-out, TLC! However, in an interview, Thais said she was still undecided about getting married and might actually return to Brazil.

Patrick chose Orlando for the wedding because some of his friends and family will be able to go there. Unfortunately, her mother has lung cancer and a one-year life expectancy, so she will have to stay in Boston.

Once they arrive in Massachusetts, Patrick and Thais meet his mother Paula and sister Tiffany, and Thais lets them know that her father wants her to return to Brazil. Tiffany shares in an interview that Patrick was already married and that his divorce really set him back – his biggest fear is that Thai people will have a baby with Patrick and then take the baby to Brazil.

Tiffany and her mother offer to take Thais shopping for the wedding dress, and even though she finds the perfect dress, Thais struggles to get excited because she still doesn’t know what she’s going to end up doing.

Three days later, they all go out to dinner with a family friend, Alisha, and the fear of having a baby and bringing it back to Brazil comes to the table.

“My grandson will live in America,” Patrick’s mother said matter-of-factly.

Tiffany tells the Thais that she doesn’t think she wants to live in America and repeats it in a later interview, making the Thais even more speechless.

Patrick’s mother says his oxygen tank is running out and they have to leave, cutting an uncomfortable conversation short.

The next time

Bilal’s sister Nefertari shows Shaeeda the wedding dress she made for her. It’s huge, shapeless and not at all what Shaeeda wants, but Nefertari says, “Sometimes the customer doesn’t really know what they want.

Jibri FaceTimes with her mother and asks if he can get her a last-minute ticket to California for her wedding; she says, “Umm.” Patrick and Thais are partying on a yacht with his friends and one of them tells Thais that if she is thinking of breaking up with Patrick, she should do it now. “I don’t want to hurt Patrick, but my dad’s opinion is more important to me,” Thais said.

Meanwhile, Yve tells her friend Rochelle that she has “frozen feet” at the thought of marrying Mohamed, and Rochelle reminds her that she was a runaway bride and that is still an option. Kobe and Emily have an argument over trust the day before their wedding which has him once again told to walk away. And Bini is waiting for Ari at the altar, but all we see is a closed door. Will these two say “yes?” Stay tuned!

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