Libby’s sister Becky called out by annoyed HEA viewers

Libby Potthast is known for her chaotic family. Many 90 Day Fiancé fans are now coming for her sister Becky, who still airs her bitter attitude.

The Potthast family drama continued 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever?, which led to more criticism for Libby Castravet’s sister, Becky. Becky joins Potthast’s siblings Jenn and Charlie in wary of Libby’s husband Andrei and his intentions with their father, Chuck, and his house-turning business. While Andrei, Chuck and the four Potthast siblings have been called out by viewers for their bad behavior on several occasions, many believe Becky has been the most rude family member in recent episodes.

Chuck’s motorhome trip to a family reunion was sour from the start, and tensions between family members did not improve. Libby and Andrei got into a fight when Andrei was unable to drive the large motorhome to the Airbnb that Libby had booked although she was reassured that the motorhome could be parked. Meanwhile, the introduction of Chuck’s sister, Sue, and father, Charles, only compounded the poor behavior of the Potthast family. Fans immediately hated Sue’s bad attitude, as well as her claims that Chuck started his business from scratch when he was privileged to receive a loan from his father. Meanwhile, the tension between Andrei and the Potthast family siblings has not abated and previews have shown Andrei will spark even more drama with his in-laws.

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Becky, who has argued with Andrei for weeks, has already tried to defend herself by saying that she is a character on a TV show. However, one viewer called Libby’s sister on Reddit. The fan shared a photo of Becky with the caption, “This bitch is so annoying.“The post has since received thousands of upvotes, as many commentators agree with their dislike of Becky and the Potthast family in general. “I wonder if this family realizes how unappreciated they are and that most people can see through their bogus “family business” stories as they go their way trying to land a job. spin off ?!?!One of the top commentators asked. Others added that Chantel Jimeno and her family were unable to realize they had become 90 day fiancé villains of the franchise after appearing on The Chantel family, it was therefore unlikely that the Potthast family would become aware of themselves.

Many viewers criticize Becky’s bad attitude and legitimate behavior. “His face just makes my poor trader’s heart wanna explodeOne user observed. “How to vote for a title without voting for an image because frankly I can’t bring myself to do it,Another commentator joked. Others joked that the original poster should have used Becky’s photo as the image on the post. Becky has been notoriously arrested, as have her father and siblings, Charlie. and Jenn. Libby is the only member of the Potthast family who appears on TLC who does not have a photo ID circulating the web. Other viewers have called Becky for her racy OnlyFans content. Becky, Jenn, Libby and Charlie’s wife Meg have all shared graphic nudity on the paid photo platform and some fans are unhappy to have seen such intimate snaps of the reality TV family.

Although Charlie dominated Becky in a recent fan poll for the most hated brother in the Potthast family, many viewers are starting to hate Becky even more than her brother. While Charlie wisely retired from the family RV trip and instead flew off for the reunion, Becky has been at the center of the family drama for the past few weeks. The show caused a growing number of viewers to tire of her bitter demeanor and mock her for her legitimate behavior. Additionally, Becky hinting at the scripted show on social media didn’t help her perception of fans. Many viewers believe that since she appears on a reality TV show and uses her own name, Becky should be held fully accountable for her actions on 90 Day Fiancé: Forever?

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