Lotte New York Palace extends the power of the Lotte hotel brand by being known as the Hotel of Global Leaders


The above all describes LOTTE NEW YORK PALACE. Originally built as a mansion for Henry Villard, a prominent railroad financier in 1882, it is now a Midtown Manhattan landmark.

With over 140 years of history, LOTTE NEW YORK PALACE was acquired by LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, South Korea’s largest hotel group in 2015, and continues to prove its eminence. It was also the first time for a Korean hotel brand to debut in New York, which raised great interest and expectations within the hotel industry.

The 55-story hotel has a total of 909 rooms and 23 banquet halls in the Palace (Les Maisons Villard), whose 19th century Italian neo-Renaissance style still survives, and the Towers behind. From the 41st to the 51st floors of this luxury hotel, unrivaled in size even in New York, are modern suites. Among them, the triplex penthouse, the Champagne Suite is emblematic of the hotel. Upon entering the suite inspired by the finest champagne, Dom Pérignon, a shimmering crystal chandelier designed to invoke the effervescent champagne bubble catches the eye. The interior welcomes guests with New Nero marble flooring leading to a large two-story lounge surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. The Master and Queen suites are inspired by the design of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with expressions of leather and deep pink tones. The champagne cellar, the only one of its kind in New York, offers a rustic experience for guests directly adjacent to the dining room.

Another iconic suite is the Jewel Suite, designed in collaboration with renowned jewelry designer Martin Katz. The suite opens to a two-story cascading crystal chandelier and five sculptural crystal jewelry boxes, personally curated by Martin Katz. The suite shines from the reflection, as if one were inside the casket. The master and twin bedrooms reflect the jewel theme in opulent, high-end furnishings with a master bathroom and a guest bathroom respectively.

Both terrace levels of the Champagne and Jewel Suites house wood-burning fireplaces and custom-designed hot tubs where guests can enjoy sweeping city views. The hotel is steeped in artistic features, not to mention the carvings and paintings in the Golden Room and Lounge.

The hotel has been much more modernized after the acquisition by LOTTE. First, all staff above the manager level of the former New York Palace Hotel were invited to Korea and received Korean-style hospitality service training based on LOTTE HOTELS’ expertise since over 40 years. In general, organizational restructuring is carried out after the acquisition, while LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS has hardly changed the existing workforce. Additionally, by hosting important global events such as the United Nations General Assembly and national summits, and being known as the hotel where US Presidents stay, LOTTE HOTEL’s investment continues to thrive.

LOTTE NEW YORK PALACE continues to enhance the power of the LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS brand in New York, the global hotel chain zone of international chains, as being honored by the prestigious travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveler’s 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards, and awarded by the Forbes Travel Guide, the so-called hotel version of the Michelin Guide, as a 2021 Recommended Hotel.

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