Mahogany Roca’s apartment could be rented according to fans

Reddit users have solved the mystery of Mahogany Roca’s San Bartolo condo after Ben Rathbun wondered if it was his real home on 90 Day Fiance.

90 day fiance Reddit fans have gathered evidence to prove that Mahogany Roca showed Ben Rathbun a rental and not his real home in San Bartolo. The young Peruvian student Mahogany had been chatting online with Ben, 52, for three months after cheating on him with her heavily filtered selfies. Mahogany also made Ben shell out $1,000 which the former pastor gave him without batting an eyelid. Ben didn’t ask why Mahogany refused to video call him during the 115 days of their relationship, but Ben caught Mahogany lying about 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days episode 11 when he claimed that she owned an apartment that she lived in without her parents.


Ben’s meeting with Mahogany’s parents didn’t quite go as planned. Mahogany previously admitted that she first ghosted Ben because her father doubted her intentions. However, Ben convinced Mahogany that he would try to make it clear to his parents that he had no questionable motives. When Ben arrived at Mahogany’s to meet Jose and Sylvia, he was surprised as she claimed she was living on her own. Ben swore he remembered Mahogany telling him she was staying with her parents. As Mahogany showed Ben around the apartment, he also figured it wasn’t his. Mahogany didn’t know the apartment, there were board games she had never played, decorations like a surfboard she had never used, and everything else looked very expensive.

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Because 90 day fiance fans were as perplexed as Ben was about Mahogany’s apartment, with some putting on their detective caps to unravel the mystery. Reddit u/A_significance_681 job, “99% sure this is the apartment complex but couldn’t find the exact listing from Airbnb” while sharing a video of ocean reef. A gulf front, development of 161 condominiums. The fan also posted a Airbnb link to a condo in the same building they believe Mahogany is staying in. In the comments, fans agreed that the condo had the same kitchen counter, view, and bunk beds that Mahogany struggled to explain to Ben.

Meanwhile, u/boonsk13 also understood that these are the Ocean Reef Beach condos. They mentioned that it wasn’t just Mahogany’s living room, but also the other condos in the resort that had surfboards in them as well. “Maybe her house is humble and she doesn’t feel comfortable airing it on national television.“, have you wondered /lgsb2014. Ben once revealed that Mahogany gave him the wrong address when he tried to deliver flowers to her house on her birthday. Mahogany never received the flowers because they were delivered to her neighbor, which only added to the amount of evidence that something was wrong with her living situation.

Since Mahogany wasn’t too comfortable with Ben knowing where she was living even then, it’s possible she’s staying in terrible conditions in reality or maybe she’s suspicious because of mannerisms. to harass Ben. However, that still doesn’t explain why Mahogany lied to Ben about her real age and told him she was 24 and not 22, which she actually is. When Ben began to feel uncomfortable with the number of lies Mahogany had told him, he wanted to drive to the airport and bring the first fight back to America on the spot. However, Ben is with Mahogany and meets his friends in the next episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days. Besides that, nothing can explain why Ben and Mahogany were recently spotted together in Lima holding hands by another curious 90 day fiance fan.

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