Maine Wildlife Park sets opening date for 2022 season

The Maine Wildlife Park in Gray is almost ready to open for the season and moose, owls, bald eagles, foxes, black bears and a few dozen other animals await you.

Maine Wildlife Park has a long history of fostering and caring for Maine animals that are injured, orphaned, or dependent on humans because they were bred in captivity, usually illegally.

The park is managed by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and has a dedicated staff that cares for the animals year-round, but the park is not open to the public until spring. It is also financially self-sufficient, meaning your taxes are not used to fund it. This is clearly not a problem for the park as they see over 120,000 visitors a year.

All of the animals in the wildlife park are native to Maine except for the peacocks which still reside in the park since the peacocks have been there since the 1940s.

Visiting Maine Wildlife Park is an annual tradition for many Maine residents as well as people from across the country who come for the summer and the opening is earlier than you might think.

On April 15, the Maine Wildlife Park will open for the season seven days a week, rain or shine, and on holidays. It’s just a $10 entrance fee for adults and $7.50 for seniors and children ages 3-12. Don’t forget to bring your quarters so you can feed some of the animals.

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