Manchester Christmas markets named among UK’s cheapest


Manchester ranked among the top five most affordable Christmas markets in the UK, with London’s Winter Wonderland and Cardiff Christmas Market the most expensive.

New data has revealed the cheapest Christmas markets to visit in the UK, with Manchester among the most affordable for budget-conscious Britons looking to plan a festive day trip.

The study, carried out by Airbnb insurance specialists pikllooked at the UK’s top fifteen Christmas markets and the costs associated with each location to create an overall accessibility ranking.

The costs taken into account varied from the price of admission, the average price of the attraction, the average cost of local parking for more than 6 hours and an additional average rate per night for an AirBnB stay in the area.

According to the criteria, Manchester ranked among the top five places in terms of affordability. Considered one of the UK’s most popular markets, the study found you can park all day for around £10.00, enjoy free entry and attractions from £5, £00.

Overall, however, the most affordable day out is at Lincoln’s Markets, where many traditional stalls are set up in the town’s medieval square, complete with ice skating rink.

With free entry to the market, an average attraction cost of £3.00 and all-day nearby parking for £3.70, the town offers an extremely economical option for those looking for festive entertainment on a budget.

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Beyond the top 5, the price of the attraction is the main determining factor for those who want to enjoy festive frills on a budget.

In terms of attraction prices, the most expensive destination is historic Chester where £30 is the average cost for an activity, followed closely by £25 at Blenheim Palace.

York’s attraction cost of £13.50 proves more expensive than London’s £10.50 fee for its array of Winter Wonderland festivities, although parking costs average £52.98 in the capital make getting a £10.00 place in York that much more attractive.

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For those looking to turn their day trip into an overnight stay, the data also factors in affordability based on the cost of an average Airbnb rate per night in each location.

Experts from pikl said: “We are all feeling the pinch this Christmas, but Brits still seem set to enjoy the festive season in a budget-conscious way.

“As a trusted AirBnB insurance provider, we suggest that rental property owners hoping to attract guests over the next month consider some of the findings of this study.”

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The data, ordered by Pikl Insuranceanalyzed the affordability of the UK’s best Christmas markets, revealing the cheapest based on entry prices, average attraction prices, nearby parking fees and more.

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RSPCA appeals after dead dog was hidden in suitcase and left in Salford woods

Sergeant Emily
Sergeant Emily

the RSPCA launched a public appeal for information after the body of a dog was found stashed in a suitcase and left in Greater Manchester.

The elderly Boxer-cross woman was discovered by a member of the public.

According to the RSPCA, the member of the public found the black and white checkered suitcase abandoned in a wooded area near Malcolm Drive in the Clifton area of ​​Swinton on the afternoon of Friday December 16 around 2.30pm, and was horrified to find the dog’s head protruding from the side of the unzipped bag.

The deceased dog – who was not microchipped – has white and merle colored fur with a patch of gray around his face, and was also discovered with an enlarged stomach and blood in his mouth when he was discovered.

Inside the suitcase, a black jacket with a distinctive striped waist trim was also found hidden – which is pictured below.

The black jacket with distinctive striped waist trim was also found hidden with the dog’s body / Credit: RSPCA

The cause of death is currently not known, according to the RSPCA.

That’s why the animal welfare charity has now issued a public appeal for information, with RSPCA Animal Rescue Officer Jess Pierce confirming the dog’s death is considered as suspicious because of the way the body was disposed of.

She explained: ‘It seems odd that this poor dog was left with its head protruding from the suitcase in a remote location, raising suspicions that the animal was dead.

“It’s horrible that a dog was left in this condition the week before Christmas and we would love to trace her owners or anyone who may know how she got to where she was found.

“His owner may not be able to afford to take him to the vet or dispose of his body properly due to cost of living issues. But, if that were the case, he is not no need to take such drastic action as the RSPCA and a number of other charities offer help and advice on veterinary costs and end-of-life decisions.

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Anyone with information about the circumstances surrounding the death of the dog should contact the RSPCA hotline number on 0800 123 8018.

Featured Image – RSPCA


Drivers should expect ‘long queues’ as millions hit the roads this Christmas weekend

Sergeant Emily
Sergeant Emily

Drivers are being told to expect and be prepared for long queues across the UK as millions are set to hit the roads above the Christmas weekend.

With the festive season generally known to make the country’s roads busier than usual, but this year congestion is expected to be affected more due to the ongoing strike by thousands of RMT union members at Network Rail – meaning train services with an end around 3pm on Christmas Eve – The AA has now issued a warning to anyone taking a trip this weekend.

The AA says it expects today (December 23) to be the busiest day on the roads this week, with around 16.9million journeys made across the UK.

On top of that, another 16.6 million is then expected to be made on Christmas Eve.

Drivers should expect ‘long queues’ as millions hit the roads this Christmas weekend/Credit: The AA

Along with the AA’s warning, the RAC has also revealed when it expects the roads to be busiest and which roads are likely to be most affected.

The roads are expected to be busiest between 10am and 7pm today (Friday), which for many is the last working day before Christmas, while roads designated as likely to be most affected by congestion include the M25, the M60 near Manchesterthe M6 ​​in the North West of England and the M40 in Oxfordshire.

Nor are the rail strikes the only industrial action set to affect traffic on the roads, with people traveling by air also being told to expect delays as Border Force personnel at several major airports in the Kingdom. -United – including Manchester Airport – are currently on strike during the holidays too.

Of course, this Christmas also being the first in recent years not to be affected by COVID-19[feminine] restrictions and social distancing measures in place, transport analytics firm Inrix said it expects journey times to be around 14% longer compared to the same period last year thanks to the post-pandemic traffic figures.

More than 33 million journeys are expected to be made in the next three days / Credit: iStock

In a bid to ease festive traffic, National Highways has confirmed that nearly 98% of England’s motorways and major A-roads will be fully open until the end of January 2 due to the completion and lifting of restrictions. road works.

“We advise those driving out to be prepared for traffic jams,” said Jack Cousens, head of traffic policy at The AA.

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“Railway strikes have convinced more people to travel by car this year, and although hundreds of miles of roadworks have been cut to ease the pain, that may not be enough to keep the queues away. “

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said there will be “two frantic days of travel just before Christmas”.

The featured image – Vladimir Proskurovsky (via Unsplash)

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