Masked men throw hammers at Finnish Embassy in apparent tribute to Wagner

A group of masked men threw sledgehammers at the Finnish Embassy in Moscow Tuesday in an apparent tribute to a sickening execution carried out by the Russian mercenary Wagner Group. The hammers became something of a dark symbol for Wagner supporters – created by Putin ally Yevgeny Prigozhin – after the group made a ISIS Style Execution Video last month in which a prisoner accused of betraying Wagner is beaten to death with clubs. The group’s mercenaries then sent a mace engraved with the Wagner logo and fake blood on the handle to the European Parliament as EU lawmakers said Russia sponsored terrorism. It is unclear why the Finnish embassy was targeted, although a Telegram account sharing the clip claimed it came in response to “numerous provocations against Russian diplomatic targets in Finland”. Finland has been a strong supporter of Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion and applied to join NATO in May. “I can confirm that this attack happened around noon local time in Moscow in front of the embassy,” Karoliina Romanoff, communications officer at the Finnish Foreign Ministry, told The Daily Beast on Tuesday. “There were no casualties or damage to the building. The ministry is still investigating the matter.”

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