Massachusetts driver charged with pushing Asian man into ditch released after dangerousness hearing

The Massachusetts motorist accused of punching, dragging and throwing an Asian man into an open ditch while making anti-China remarks has been conditionally released after a dangerousness hearing.

John Sullivan, 77, appeared in Quincy District Court on Thursday for his alleged acts along Washington Street on the morning of December 2, which left the victim lame from multiple injuries.

The victim, identified as George Ngo, was standing with his sister and three children outside a local post office before 11 a.m. when he allegedly called Sullivan for speeding. The confrontation escalated when Sullivan allegedly told the family to “go back to China” and threatened to “kill you all”.

After returning from the post office, Sullivan allegedly rammed Ngo with his car, which then rolled onto the bonnet and snagged on it. Quincy Police Officer Patrick Watkins testified that Ngo was dragged approximately 50 yards until Sullivan slammed on the brakes, shouted “Go back to China” again, punched Ngo a second time and eventually sunk into a construction ditch, according to The Boston Globe.

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Sullivan, who was arrested shortly afterwards in the nearby town of Braintree, pleaded not guilty last Friday to two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, civil rights violation, reckless driving of a motor vehicle and departure from the scene of an accident with injuries. He reportedly appeared to fall asleep at times during Thursday’s hearing.

The judge released Sullivan on several conditions, including avoiding contact with the victims, refraining from the use of drugs and alcohol, staying home under GPS surveillance and refraining from driving, according to the Boston Globe. However, he is allowed to leave his home for medical examinations.

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Ngo, who is recovering at home, recalled his experience to WBZ’s Courtney Cole this week. He said he was “very, very scared” and “afraid for my life”.

“I have already been dragged, very far. And he hit me, and he kept saying, ‘I’m going to kill you! Go back to China! And that’s when he [hit the] brake and [I] went flying,” Ngo told Cole. “I try to balance and that’s where I hit the gap. He hit me and I hit the ditch.

Ngo’s sister, Désirée Thien, managed to film part of the meeting. Besides being upset for her brother, she is outraged for her children, who witnessed the whole incident.

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“I want it [Sullivan] for the rest of his life to stay in prison where he belongs because he is a danger to society,” Thien said. Boston News 25. “He’s 77 so Satan is waiting for him with open arms.”

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