Massachusetts residents book AirBnB to offer financial support – NBC Boston

The crisis in Ukraine has left many feeling helpless, but some Massachusetts residents have found a way to lend their support by booking homes they never plan to use.

They use Airbnb to book stays at properties across the country even if they don’t plan to go. The aim is to help Ukrainian hosts who own the properties and help provide housing for refugees.

“It’s definitely a way to get money to the people who need it very quickly,” said John Landry, a software developer at Wayland.

Landry booked a week-long stay at a property in Lviv, located in western Ukraine. He wrote to the host explaining that he would not check into the apartment, but he hopes someone can use it. At the very least, he said it’s a way to get financial support for someone who lives there.

“Anything we can do to help, then sign me up,” Landry said.

According to Airbnb, more than 61,000 nights in Ukraine were booked in just two days last week. The company waives fees for Ukrainian reservations.

Rebecca Reed, a mother from Framingham, has already received a no thank you back from the host of her booking in Ukraine. It is used to house a whole family.

“It just makes you emotional to think of yourself in that position,” Reed said. “Being a mom of two young kids and being able to help a family with two young kids just made sense.”

Both Reed and Landry said they did a lot of research to make sure the hosts actually lived in Ukraine and only had a few listings, unlike property management companies, which would have several.

“I think finding the right person is key,” Landry said.

Landry said once he found the right booking, he couldn’t help but feel like he had made an impact.

“I hope other people can find a way to help here, because it’s such a horror these people are going through,” Landry said.

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