Meet America’s 50 Youngest Billionaires

While the wealth gap between rich and poor was growing up Before the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recession it caused, the last year was a boon for the world’s wealthy. most billionaires added over billions to their personal wealth, potentially increasing the equality gap even further.

While the world’s working poor dream of economic stability, the 50 people on this list of youngest billionaires have it in spades. The oldest billionaire arrives at 47, while the youngest, born in 1995, is just 26. Stacker compiled data on the net worth of List of Forbes real-time billionaires as of March 17, 2021. The listing is real-time and any age ties have been severed by net worth.

Included are those who received their billions as heirs to family fortunes, as well as those who self-made – although even many of the world’s wealthy “self-made” people start off with many advantages in life, including family start. Fortunes come from tech companies like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook, although tech isn’t the only way to get rich. Others have made their money through hedge funds, retail, and even by creating a burger that relies on the simplest recipe and ingredients.

While many came from backgrounds that offered opportunities only to those with money, others came from more humble beginnings. Some immigrated from other countries in search of opportunities, while others were born to single parents who struggled to support themselves. While several billionaires on the list have attended and graduated from top-notch universities including the iviesothers never went to college or dropped out, sometimes to pursue the ideas that made them rich.

Readers will also notice that women are extremely few on this list, highlighting the continued discrimination and sexism they face in the boardrooms where billionaires are often punched, and the wider inequality in access to capital. often necessary to turn a good idea into big money.

Many of the billionaires on the list are well known, others are less obvious. Curious to know if you can guess who the youngest billionaire is? It may be child’s play to figure it out, or you may have to really think about it. Keep reading to find out who made the exclusive and enviable list.

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