Meet Ethan Overton, the Bournemouth student traveling from London to Amsterdam on foot

He sleeps on the streets every night to raise money for the homeless

Ethan Overton is a second year student at Bournemouth and is currently four days into his trip from London to Amsterdam to raise money for the homeless this Christmas.

Ethan shared his journey on TikTok and even kept his followers informed with live streams on his Instagram. He met a few people along the way, one person who gave him an air mattress for camping and some waterproof gear, another who gave him back Ethan’s coat when he lost it, and a couple who helped him. gave £10 and two bottles of Coke.

Ethan camped the entire way and documented his trip on social media. Her Go Fund Me page says, “I can personally say that I take heating and a comfortable bed at night for granted, which is why I’d like to attach a cause to this trip. Around 227,000 people living in the UK are homeless. It’s devastating, even more so at a time like Christmas.

“I understand that I’m starting this Go Fund Me page late, however, it’s better late than never. 100% of your donations will go to the homeless this Christmas. No matter how small the donation, every little bit counts. »

Ethan took his electric scooter with him, but he had to stop several times, so the actual usefulness of the scooter is unconvincing. Here’s what his setup looks like most nights:

via @ethanoverton

He was on an 8-hour ferry across Holland yesterday and after sleeping on the streets all night, he packed up his tent in hopes of completing the journey today or in the early hours of tomorrow. On his TikTok, Ethan admits he will sleep in a hotel tonight if he has to after constantly sleeping in his tent for the past four nights.

You can follow Ethan’s journey in Amsterdam here.

You can find Ethan’s donation page for the homeless this winter here.

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