Melbourne ranks on Airbnb’s list of top travel destinations

To say that everyone was chomping at the bit to travel to 2022 after enduring years of lockdown is an understatement. Airports around the world were thrown into chaos, and if Instagram is any reliable source, it looked like everyone and their moms were vacationing in Europe during our Southern Hemisphere winter. But what were the most searched travel destinations of the year, and where do people most want to go in 2023?

According Airbnbwhich based its study on research conducted on its platform, the top trending global destination of 2022 was Bangkok, Thailand. sydney came second, followed by Málaga in Spain, Seoul in South Korea and a not so shabby fifth place, Melbourne. Brisbane completed the list at number ten, beaten by three cities in Brazil and Auckland in New Zealand.

For people’s travel success lists in 2023, Malaga, Spain took the top spot, followed by none other than Sydney and Melbourne. While we’re not thrilled that NSW beat us, especially after we outclassed them as most welcoming city for LGBTQIA+ and the the friendliest city in the world overall, we are always thrilled to be in the top three and know that our beautiful city is a priority for travelers around the world.

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