Million Dollar Luxe and Marina Drabkin disrupt the luxury short-term home rental market in Los Angeles

There seems to be no shortage of online platforms offering accommodation for travelers such as Airbnb, and Tripadvisor, to name a few. However, the most demanding clientele is often unable to find short-term accommodation that meets their tastes and very specific requirements ranging from quality to size, including exclusivity, services concierge services and various high-end standard hospitality features available only at the best hotels in the world. . These booking platforms do not have properties that marry the grandeur and uniqueness of a multi-million dollar residence with the luxurious amenities of a 5 star hotel. Simply put, these platforms do not allow high net worth individuals to commit to a short-term rental for a luxury property that includes all the standard perks of staying at the Ritz.

This is precisely why A million dollars of luxury, a California-based luxury short-term rental service founded by Marina Drabkin, is resonating with this audience. While high-profile clients have always preferred luxury hotels to short-term rentals in luxury homes for the aforementioned reasons, the unique blend of exclusive mansions, luxury amenities and 5-star hospitality services from Million Dollar Luxe alone changes the preferences of this customer network, at least in California. Of course, Million Dollar Luxe saw a surge in interest at the start of the pandemic, as more people were willing to try short-term rentals rather than hotels due to privacy and quarantine concerns. Now that the pandemic is over, however, Million Dollar Luxe has not only retained these new customers, but they continue to grow as word spreads about the service’s inventory of mansions, luxury concierge services and hotels. other lush perks that top hotels usually guarantee. .

Million Dollar Luxe has made a name for itself in the Los Angeles area, home to some of the most spectacular residential properties and still attracting wealthy business and leisure travelers. As a premium service provider with a unique slate of luxury homes in LA’s most desirable locations such as Beverly Hills, BelAir, Hollywood Hills and other scenic beachside neighborhoods, Million Dollar Luxe is the only service that truly offers a viable alternative. – if not, improvement – to a stay in a top notch hotel. Plus, Million Dollar Luxe has an impeccable 24/7 concierge service that covers all the bases: from private chefs and in-house entertainment to luxury restaurant and club reservations and luxury travel arrangements including sports cars, yachts and helicopters. As many Million Dollar Luxe clients may have very specific requests, may attract unwanted attention, and may have international guests, the MDL team provides security details, nurses, translators, etc. A 24/7 villa specialist is ready to answer all questions and respond to all guest requests, from simple ones about how a particular appliance works, to planning an unforgettable experience.

There is always a fine line between preserving the unique identity of a luxury property, created with care and love by the owner, and providing the highest level of premier hospitality services available. Some rental services believe that a home’s personality and ambiance can make up for the lack of lavish accessories associated with a world-class hotel experience. These services often rent the house as is. Million Dollar Luxe believes this strategy leads to bad experiences. Instead, accessories such as lavish toiletries, luxury amenities and many other essentials are present in each of the Million Dollar Luxe rental properties, making the stay as comfortable and hassle-free as in a hotel. 5 stars. The Million Dollar Luxe team follows a proven protocol to transform mansions into neutral yet luxurious environments that rise to the standard expected by wealthy and prestigious clients.

Attesting to the level of services that Million Dollar Luxe is capable of providing, countless popular celebrities, athletes, business personalities and even members of royalty have stayed at MDL homes. Marrying the best of concierge services and standard hotel accommodations with the unparalleled charm and intimacy of staying in a mansion, Million Dollar Luxe is disrupting the hospitality and real estate industries for the better.

Of course, just as Million Dollar Luxe was able to revolutionize the luxury short-term rental industry by providing standard rental options for high net worth individuals, Million Dollar Luxe was also able to revolutionize the investment community. real estate. While many successful business and entertainment professionals understand the potential return on investment that comes from renting out their home, many of these people have had bad experiences with other rental services, which has discouraged them from buying. engage in economically beneficial practice. However, with Million Dollar Luxe’s ​​transparent process and proven track record – as well as their ability to communicate with wealthy landlords in a language that makes them comfortable – more and more of these people are benefiting from short-term rentals in trusting the Million Dollar Luxe service.

As guest and owner satisfaction with Million Dollar Luxe is mutual and far exceeds that of its competitors, many luxury properties in Los Angeles have exclusive agreements with Million Dollar Luxe, trusting only the MDL team . This means that most of the best options are only available on the Million Dollar Luxe platform and nowhere else. Further certifying that Million Dollar Luxe is the industry standard, AirBnB Luxe, AirBnB’s luxury vacation rental service, uses Million Dollar Luxe as the primary home provider for the service.

As the short-term luxury home rental business is poised to grow, Million Dollar Luxe is poised to continue driving the industry forward. You can learn more about Million Dollar Luxe’s ​​inventory of luxury rental properties by visiting their website and instagram.

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