Mom tried to protect children killed in Memphis pit bull attack, family says

(NewsNation) — Two children near Memphis, Tennessee, were killed after the family dog ​​attacked them. The mother of these children is in hospital, having suffered injuries while trying to protect her children.

Family and friends say Kirstie Bennard, 30, fought to protect her children as two of the family’s pit bulls fatally attacked Hollace, 5 months, and Lillie, 2, last week.

NewsNation affiliate WREG spoke to a neighbor who is still in shock over the incident.

“It almost made me cry. It’s just heartbreaking. I can’t even understand. My heart goes out to everyone involved,” said the neighbor, who preferred not to be identified.

The family had owned the animals for more than eight years without incident.

Kirstie’s husband and father of the children, Colby, was not home at the time of the attack. According to her uncle, Jeff Gibson, the mother did her best to protect her children as the attack lasted around 10 minutes.

Gibson says she had bite marks all over her body. He posted the incident on Facebook.

“That attack lasted over 10 minutes and she never stopped trying to save those babies,” Gibson said. “Now all of us, family and friends, need to rally around them and show them how much they are loved.”

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said both dogs have now been euthanized. Bennard is still recovering from his injuries in a hospital in Memphis. His condition went from critical to stable.

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