Mortgage Architects Open Their Patio to the Port Colborne Community

Carey Benvenuti and Natalie Torner recently moved their business, Mortgage Architects, to Main Street and want to help community groups host fundraising barbecues on their new patio.

For Port Colborne clubs or community groups looking to host a small summer fundraiser, things just got a whole lot easier.

“When we moved here, we were looking at this beautiful patio and thinking, other than having our morning coffee, what are we actually going to use this space for?” wondered Carey Benvenuti. Having recently moved into the old Bremfield Bakery building, Benvenuti has also inherited the elegant patio adjoining the shop. Since Benvenuti and Natalie Torner wouldn’t really use the patio for their business, Mortgage Architects, the couple began to think outside the box.

“We started talking about how we could actually use this space, and that’s when Carey came up with the idea of ​​letting the community use it,” Torner said.

Clubs and community groups can use the patio to host BBQ fundraisers, taking advantage of the prime real estate located right in the heart of Main Street. Mortgage architects even do most of the heavy lifting, providing not just the patio, but everything else needed for fundraising.

“We’ll be providing the hot dogs and burgers, the barbecue and the marketing, so we’ll be working with community groups to get the word out,” said Benvenuti, who noted they’ve already signed a handful of groups, including including two local girls’ soccer clubs, Community Support Services Niagara and the Girl Guides.

“Being part of the business community also means being part of the wider community and giving back to the community, so that’s how we plan to do it,” Benvenuti said.

When they’re not busy lending a helping hand to local community groups, the two men work hard and settle into their new digs.

“I’ve always wanted to have a physical presence in my hometown, and there’s a real need in this town for a place where people can come in and discuss their finances,” said Benvenuti, who jumped on the page. opportunity to move into the old Le Bremfield building. “We saw the need and we saw the opportunity, so we took it and here we are. It’s a really great building, it has such a cool vibe.

Mortgage Architects still have a few weekends open this summer where patio space is up for grabs, so to find out more about using the space, call Benvenuti at 289-968-0043 or Tornet at 905-359 -0352. Mortgage Architects are located at 91 Main Street West in Port Colborne.

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