Most Expensive Destinations in Canada to Spend NYE: Survey

Mont Tremblant ski resort in Quebec is the most expensive place to spend New Year’s Eve in Canada, according to a new survey by

The company, from its own data, analyzed the cheapest double room available for a one night stay on December 31 in 20 Canadian destinations. Only hotels with a rating of three stars or higher, with “generally good” guest reviews, were considered.

According to his findings, Mont Tremblant was the most expensive, costing $880 for the night, a 284% increase over a “normal winter” night.

The ski resort of Whistler, British Columbia, was ranked the second most expensive in price, costing customers 29% more on December 31, with an overnight price of $658.

In Banff, Alberta. guests are charged 233% more on New Year’s Eve with a night costing $563.

Prices in Niagara Falls saw a similar increase on December 31, with a 285% increase and a price of $465 for one night.

A one-night stay in Halifax to kick off the New Year will cost $422, an increase of 227% over a regular night, while in Jasper, Alberta it will cost $381 for New Years, an increase by 231%. In Toronto, it will cost $375 for Dec. 31, marking a 175% increase.

Quebec City has a 117% increase to $353 for an overnight stay, while Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario has a 31% increase at a New Year’s Eve cost of $335.

Vancouver completes the 10th most expensive destination with a cost of $325 for a one-night stay on December 31, an increase of 170%.

Here are the remaining slots that make up the 20 most expensive places to stay in Canada on New Year’s Eve:

  • Montreal: $237 per night (a 123% increase)
  • Yellowknife: $215 per night (a 30% increase)
  • Ottawa: $193 per night (a 32% increase)
  • Whitehorse: $192 per night (a 27% increase)
  • Winnipeg: $189 per night (a 22% increase)
  • Calgary: $175 per night (a 27% increase)
  • Victoria: $164 per night (a 25% increase)
  • Edmonton: $158 per night (a 12% increase)
  • St. John’s: $152 per night (a 50% increase)
  • Kelowna, BC: $150 per night (a 12% increase)

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