Mudeford house catches fire after being struck by lightning

A HOUSE fire broke out in Mudeford after the roof of the property was struck by lightning during a severe thunderstorm.

Andrew and Joanne Thompson were at their home in Merlin Way when they heard a loud bang shortly after 3.30pm on Sunday October 23.

Tiles flew off the roof and a fire broke out in the individual property.

Firefighters were called and multiple crews rushed to the scene to prevent the fire from spreading and engulfing the entire property.

The couple were able to escape the blaze shaken but unscathed.

Mr Thompson, who was in the room where the section of the roof was struck by lightning, told the Daily Echo: ‘I was just watching the football when suddenly I heard this huge bang and everyone went for it. understood.

“I thought the television had exploded. We could feel it. There was a fire in the roof and a load of smoke.

Echo of Bournemouth:

Ms Thompson said: ‘We believe it hit the chimney and came down the flue. It smelled like an electric fire.

After bringing the blaze under control, firefighters were able to move some of the couple’s belongings to safety.

“They were there within 10 minutes,” Ms. Thompson said. “They’ve been absolutely amazing, as have all of our neighbors.”

She added: “Thank God the whole house didn’t burn down. I panicked. I was shocked. The damage was confined to just two rooms.

Echo of Bournemouth:

The owners, who have lived at the property since late 2020, said they were extremely grateful for the quick actions of fire crews in dealing with the blaze, which was led by Incident Commander Jack Whitton, Chief Christchurch team.

Before leaving the scene, the teams ensured that the roof of the property was secure by placing a large tarp on one side of the house.

Adam Moss, from Springbourne Fire Station, said: “We had a house that was struck by lightning this afternoon. Everyone got out safe and sound.

Echo of Bournemouth:

“The first crew from Christchurch arrived and began to extinguish the fire from outside. It was extinguished using breathing apparatus and the Westbourne aerial ladder platform.

“A lot of damage to the roof. One bedroom has a lot of damage, other than the house being saved.

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