Myanmar’s arms industry grows after military takeover

BANGKOK (AP) — Companies from at least 13 countries have helped Myanmar build its capacity to produce weapons that are being used to commit atrocities following a military coup in 2021, experts have found independent internationals.

The report released by the Special Advisory Council for Myanmar on Monday details how the country has stepped up its arms production since the military took over on February 1, 2021, sparking mass public opposition.

The army’s takeover of elected civilian leaders reversed nearly a decade of progress toward democracy after 50 years of military rule. After security forces used lethal force against peaceful protesters, opponents of the military regime took up arms. Some UN experts have called the situation a civil war.

The Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners documented more than 2,700 civilians who died in the violence, including 277 children, while more than 13,000 people were detained. The true number is thought to be much higher.

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