Nakagin Tower capsules saved from demolition are now on Airbnb (and more)

The Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo was dismantled this year and 23 of its 140 interlocking gray capsules – 4 meters long and 2.5 meters high and wide – are being restored. The cubes that made up the 13 floors of the tower had never been replaced because they were attached to the structural core at two attachment points: a critical design, which made it very difficult to remove one lower block without releasing all the others units above.

Of these 23 capsules – owned by former resident Tatsuyuki Maeda – 14 will be fully restored. Built-in furniture will be repaired or reassembled and each capsule will be equipped with stereo systems (original or new). Of the other capsules, only the structure and the outer shell will be restored, in order to make possible the creation of new original interiors. Some other units have not been claimed, and Maeda has received requests from museums and other entities in Asia, Europe, and the United States. A total of 36 capsules remain from the demolition, but according to Maeda, if there is enough demand, this could also be possible. to rebuild new capsules.

Now you can check them out in the mountains of Nagano, a few hours from Tokyo, before they make their way to museums and new owners. Kurokawa’s family recently started renting a country house on Airbnb with four of the cubes attached. The cost is ¥227,429 per night ($1,560).

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