Naomi Osaka Reveals Why She Stays In Airbnbs While Gaming And Can’t Travel Without

Naomi Osaka

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Naomi Osaka shares all her travel tips and tricks!

The 24-year-old tennis star recently chatted with PEOPLE about all things travel, including why she prefers to stay in short-term rentals over hotels when competing, items she can’t not happen while she’s on the road, and some of her favorite places she’d stayed – like the gorgeous Villa Nautica estate in Miami, Florida. play at the Miami Open.

“I normally stay with my team, so it’s a lot better for team bonding than multiple rooms in a soulless hotel,” the competitive athlete told PEOPLE of her stays on Airbnb. “We cook together, watch TV and hang out so we feel like family. As an athlete, I take my nutrition very seriously, so the best way to manage it is definitely in a house with a kitchen.”

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“Making healthy choices can be tough on the road, so a spacious kitchen is essential to my wellness lifestyle,” she adds. “Although I’m not a huge breakfast fan, I usually start my day with homemade avocado toast.”

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As for the items she can’t travel without, for Osaka, it’s two things that will likely help her performance on the courts: a massage table and a juicer.

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Villa Nautica Airbnb

Villa Nautica Airbnb


Osaka also opened up about one of her favorite properties she’s stayed at – something that was “difficult” to do, considering she’s “stayed in so many amazing homes”.

“I recently stayed at a hotel I loved in Miami. The location was perfect for me, as it was just far enough away from the action to be very quiet, but at the same time, I could get to some great places. ‘great restaurants and shopping within minutes,'” she said of the property, which she showed in a series of photos and videos on Instagram earlier this month.

Villa Nautica Airbnb

Villa Nautica Airbnb


The stunning modern rental, seen in pictures here, features a huge living room with a wrap-around sofa, an outdoor dining area perfect for alfresco dining and entertaining, a home gym, multiple bedrooms with breathtaking views the breath and an ultra-elegant kitchen.

Plus, the beautiful Miami home features a tranquil pool secluded by lush greenery, making it the perfect spot to capture some quiet time and meditate, as Osaka says she likes to do when she travels. .

Villa Nautica Airbnb

Villa Nautica Airbnb


“Wherever possible, I try to book an Airbnb with a pool or near water – the health benefits of spending time swimming or near water cover the mind and body” , she shares.

Of her upcoming trips, Osaka tells PEOPLE that she’s excited about one property in particular.

“I’m on the road a lot in Europe over the next few months,” Osaka said. “The next Airbnb that I’m really excited about is a beautiful house near Wimbledon.”

Naomi Osaka’s top tips for being on the road –– and choosing the perfect Airbnb

  • Putting wellness first takes on a whole new meaning when you’re constantly on the go, so finding a place with a unique design and calming landscape where I can call home is really important.

  • During tournament season, it’s important for me to maintain a sense of routine. Living on Airbnb offers all the comforts of home.

  • Pet-friendly vacations mean everything to me, so I can rest and recharge with my baby Butta. Tennis takes me all over the world, so I like to explore and live like a local on Airbnb. I like to come away with something that reminds me of the trip, like a piece of art or something for my closet.

  • Travel can be hectic, finding larger spaces allows my team, family and friends to join me so I feel less homesick.

  • Privacy is important to me, so I’m always looking for somewhere a bit more secluded. It also adds to the feeling of tranquility and helps me relax.

  • I recently got more into meditation. I like to find a quiet corner in the house or even outside in the background and take time to refocus.

  • I like to ask my Airbnb host for local recommendations, whether it’s a nearby park to take in Butta or a “must see” spot for the best fresh juice.

  • Whenever possible, I try to book an Airbnb with a pool or near water – the health benefits of spending time swimming or near water span the mind and body.

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