Nava Announces New Members to Healthcare and Benefits Advisory Board

NEW YORK, Oct. 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Nava, a modern healthcare delivery brokerage firm leveraging healthcare delivery technology and innovation to meet rising healthcare costs , today announced the addition of three new members to its Advisory Board on Health and Benefits. Todd bisping, Global Benefits & Health Manager at Caterpillar, Tracy desmond, Head of Global Benefits, Wellbeing & Mobility at Airbnb, and Ellen meza, Director of Global Benefits, Wellness and Mobility at DocuSign will join executives from Walmart and Delta Airlines to provide expertise and strategic advice as Nava strives to deliver world-class employee benefits to thousands of small and medium-sized employers.

Nava was founded in 2019 with a mission to provide high-quality, affordable health care options to the 160 million Americans who have health coverage through their employer. The company launched its Healthcare and Benefits Advisory Council in 2020 to put the benefits expertise of the country’s largest employers directly into the hands of small and medium-sized businesses. Its members, known as Nava Advisors, work directly with Nava management and clients to evolve and deploy what they have learned from their organizations to improve healthcare coverage for employees of all. sectors and across the country. Consultants will also partner with Nava’s benefits, product and engineering teams to design innovative tools and products for employees and human resources managers.

“The data is clear: America’s healthcare system is crushing small and medium-sized employers. We have observed that 8 out of 10 are in the wrong benefits strategy and are therefore overcharged. Meanwhile, America’s biggest employers are playing a different game and paying 20-25% less for equal or better benefits, ”said Brandon weber, CEO and co-founder of Nava. “The good news is the middle market can too, and we are fortunate to partner with these thought leaders to bring their expertise and handbook to the employers who are the backbone of the US economy.”

“What we do at Caterpillar can be done by small and medium-sized employers across the country, but to do it they need a partner they can trust,” writes Todd bisping, Global Benefits & Health Manager at Caterpillar. “Usually, the smaller the company, the less influence it has in health care. This is one of the problems Nava is trying to solve. With a high level of transparency and a strong commitment to customer needs, Nava is poised to become a champion of SME benefits. “

Ellen meza, Director of Global Benefits, Wellness and Mobility at DocuSign added, “As someone who has served as a Human Resources Manager and Benefits Consultant, I have seen how this space needs innovation. It’s even better when this innovation is rooted in a mission we can all support: high-quality, affordable healthcare for all. “

“Nava aims to revolutionize the broker-employer relationship”, notes Tracy desmond, Global Benefits, Wellbeing & Mobility Manager at Airbnb. “Driving change in the healthcare sector means being proactive, innovative and forward thinking. This is what Nava brings to small and medium businesses and I am delighted to be part of a team working together to disrupt the existing system.

The three members bring a diverse set of skills, inputs and knowledge and join existing Board members, including:

  • Kelley Elliott, Vice President, Total Rewards at Delta Air Lines
  • Dr. Marty makary, Johns Hopkins surgeon and professor of public health, and New York Times bestselling author of “The Price We Pay”; Chief Medical Advisor at Nava
  • Marcus Osborne, SVP Walmart Health at Walmart
  • Dene sparrman, Director, Global Benefits at Amazon

About Nava

Nava is a modern benefits brokerage firm with a mission to fix healthcare one benefit plan at a time. Nava was founded with a mission to provide high quality, affordable health care to all Americans, starting with the 160 million people who are insured through their employers. By partnering with healthcare and benefits advisors from the nation’s largest companies, Nava brings together their knowledge, tools and best practices into a scalable, unified service offering that has helped small employers save money. 8 to 22% on their benefit plans. For more information visit

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