Norco bans short-term rentals like Airbnb – press enterprise

Norco will not allow short-term rental homes – like Airbnb, Vrbo, and other rental companies – in the city.

The board voted 4-1 Wednesday evening, October 6, to adopt a city-wide ban on these house rentals, which are often very popular with holidaymakers. The ban does not include approved hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts, a city report States.

The action follows short-term rental bans in other towns such as Temecula, Chino Hills and Costa Mesa. Residents have complained about excessive noise and damage from tenants in some towns, such as Murrieta, where the city council voted to limit it last year.

At Norco, executives were concerned about the potential impact on the quality of life in rural Norco and did not want to invite an influx of rental properties into town.

Planning director Alma Robles told the meeting that the issue was raised due to previous complaints about several short-term rental properties. Norco has received at least three complaints in the past year, she said. The city has two known short-term rental business licenses, but planning officials were unsure how many were actually in the city.

Council member Katherine Aleman voted no to the ban. Rather, the city should impose stricter restrictions on the number of rentals allowed, but not outright ban them, she said. These home rentals can be more affordable than hotels, Aleman said.

“Airbnbs promotes the local economy, increases local tourism, and is a trustworthy tax collector… they bring money to owners, who then spend that money in our community. And they’re licensed to Corona and Eastvale, ”Aleman said. “Law enforcement will be a problem no matter what… people will do it anyway, even if they are illegal. “

Council member Ted Hoffman, who supported the ban, said the city should prioritize “people’s quality of life” over money.

Bonnie Slager, president of the Norco Horsemen’s Association, said “short-term rentals are probably not a good thing” for the city.

“I have lived next to rental properties,” Slager said. “And it can be a nightmare to have a tenant next to you. I thought short term rentals would be a double nightmare if people were crawling over my fence, trying to pet my horses or feed them god knows what.

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