NYC subway gunman Frank James has charged Frank James with pleading guilty to a bloody rampage that injured 10 people

The man who allegedly opened fire on a crowded subway train earlier this year, injuring 10 commuters, will plead guilty to the horrific attack, according to court documents filed Wednesday.

Lawyers for Frank James said in a letter filed with Judge William Kuntz that the insane defendant would like to plead guilty on the 11 alternate counts filed last week in federal court in Brooklyn.

“If the Court is available, we aim to proceed in the first week of January 2023,” his lawyers wrote of a possible plea hearing.

Judge Kuntz set a plea hearing change for January 3 after the letter was filed on Wednesday.

James faces 10 counts of committing a terrorist attack or other violence against a public transit system, one for each person he injured in the April 12 shooting aboard the N train. at Sunset Park.

He was also slapped with one count of discharging a firearm in a violent crime. He faces life imprisonment.

Prosecutors allege James traveled from an Airbnb he was staying in in Philadelphia to Brooklyn that morning and boarded the subway with a bag containing a smoke bomb, a gas mask and a handgun.

Frank James faces life in prison for shooting 10 people on the Brooklyn subway in April.
Matthew McDermott

As the train moved between the 59th Street and 36th Street stations, a smoke bomb from James’ bag went off, authorities said after the carnage.

He then donned a gas mask and opened fire, shooting 10 people and wounding 23 in total, law enforcement officials said.

Jacques was arrested by the NYPD in the East Village more than a day later after a citywide manhunt. He was charged in federal court in Brooklyn shortly after his arrest.

Frank James allegedly opened fire alongside the N train in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
Frank James allegedly opened fire alongside the N train in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
Ten people were injured in the mass shooting.
Ten people were injured in the mass shooting.
Raymond Chiodini

Jacques has appeared in court several times since his arrest and was due to stand trial early next year.

A spokesperson for the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney declined to comment on the potential guilty plea.

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