One of Iowa’s Favorite Disney Movies Is Completely Unknown

Everyone has their favorite Disney movie that they watch over and over again.

There’s a whole generation of young adults who know and love classic DCOM. For those of you unfamiliar with this term; DCOM stands for Disney VShannel Ooriginal Mlife. I’m part of the generation that looked forward to the release of Disney’s latest TV movie every few months or so.

Some of the best known (at least for my generation) Disney Channel movies include; them musical high school franchise, camp rock & Camp Rock 2and all of Halloween Town movies.

I clearly remember arguing with my friends in college about what the ULTIMATE DCOM was. For me it will always and forever be Halloween Town. Any project with Debbie Reynolds has to be absolutely brilliant.

But we’re not talking about the fourth and final film in this franchise…

A recent and VERY legit study was released that determined each state’s favorite Disney Channel Original Movie.

The magnifying glass reunited the study, compiled with data from Google Trends to finally understand where all our heart is. These results were based on the number of user searches for a particular movie.

Disney Channel’s number one original movie in the country is the movie of 2018 Zombies.

How can this be NONE of the High school musicals?!?

And don’t get me started on who claims to be Iowa’s favorite…

The 2000 Disney Channel Movie Alley Cats Strike takes the title of “Iowa’s Favorite Disney Channel Movie”. It focuses on a high school bowling league and features Kaley Cuoco in one of her earliest roles.

The IMDb description reads;

“A group of hip retro teenagers get involved in an interschool bowling rivalry.”

You can watch the trailer below!

Iowa’s Weirdest Rental Properties

Here are some of my favorite weird and cool rental properties you can check out in Iowa!

The Pershing Square restaurant in New York

A restaurant in New York has an interesting connection to a celebrity in Iowa. This location was a filming location for an adjacent actress from Iowa.

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