Party travel trends revealed – The Portugal News

Paris, London and Luxembourg are the most popular destinations to spend this Christmas. When it comes to New Year’s Eve, the main choices are Funchal, Madrid and Paris, according to eDreams.

Other popular choices include cities in Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Netherlands – some of the main destinations for Portuguese emigration, which could explain the influx at a time when families are looking to reunite. .

According to eDreams, the Portuguese prefer to travel 4 to 5 days (39%) or have a slightly longer stay of 7 to 11 days (35%).

With regard to reservations, there is a tendency to prepare on time: more than a third (33%) book trips 31-60 days in advance, or even more (20% 61-90 days in advance). advance and 24% more than three months) . However, almost a quarter of travelers (23%) continue to book more at the last minute, with bookings between 6 and 30 days before their departure date.

Finally, eDreams also looked at data from travelers looking for Portugal at this time of year. More than a third (34%) of visitors come from France, followed by Spain (12%), Switzerland (11%), the United Kingdom (10%) and Germany (9%) – again, some of the countries where the Portuguese most emigrate. The most popular destinations are Lisbon, Porto and Faro.

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