Pass The Keys launches new franchises in UK

United Kingdom: professional management company Airbnb Pass the keys added new franchises in popular short-term rental destinations across the UK including the Lake District, New Forest and Christchurch.

As a result, the company has increased the number of locations it covers across the country to 27.

With stays and national parks growing in popularity since the start of the pandemic, Cumbria has been able to establish itself as one of the most sought-after places to buy a vacation rental.

Likewise, the New Forest is a popular tourist destination receiving 15 million visitors per year, many of whom are in need of short-term accommodation. The New Forest and Christchurch franchise is being launched alongside the Pass the Keys Bournemouth franchise, which has seen a sharp increase in the number of inquiries from hosts and guests.

Pass the Keys CEO Alexander Lyakhotskiy said: “It’s no surprise that people escape to these beautiful places for vacations, given the difficulty of traveling overseas. With increasing demand, our mission is to provide the owners of these places with a convenient way to earn more from their property by handling everything from communicating with guests and checking in, to cleaning, laundry and maintenance.

While the dominant short-term rental management companies may have been primarily concentrated in major UK cities historically, Pass the Keys said it was focusing on expanding its operations to rural areas where there are a demand for a new approach to short-term property management. The company lists properties on several short-term rental platforms, such as Airbnb, and Expedia, to increase exposure and receive more [and higher value] reservations.

Lyakhotskiy added, “We are moving away from traditional short-rental management practices and being a game-changer in many of these rural areas. Tourists increasingly demand nothing less than the exceptional when it comes to the short term rental experience and we are here to provide that on behalf of owners in a growing number of locations across the country.

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