Personalized products and interesting offers to meet the real needs of customers!

When it comes to choosing an insurance policy, the price will be (of course) be a big factor, but you really have to consider what you’re going to get for your money.

Are you paying for what you really need? Will you have the support of a reputable company that really understands your needs – and can offer you the right advice on the right product(s) for you?

The insurance market is now more competitive than ever, so it’s no surprise that consumers are increasingly looking for more competitive packages that can be tailored to their own circumstances. LIBERTY SEGUROS has understood this well, which is why it continues to innovate its range to be able to offer products that can be personalized according to customers’ wishes. real Needs.

Moreover, it regularly offers fantastic offers not only to new customers but also to existing customers to reward their continued loyalty.

For example, by November 24, 2022, with LIBERTY SEGUROS, existing customers will receive €60 Cashback on each new policy purchased. New customers can also enjoy significant savings, with €30 cashback on their first life, home or auto insurance policies and €60 cashback on subsequent new policies.*.

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Even better, their competitive products now offer more perks and benefits than ever!

For example, all your car’s extras are covered as standard, free of charge, if fitted by the vehicle manufacturer.

With Home policies, for example, you can get compensation for additional water costs due to a broken pipe up to €1,000; and up to €600 per claim/year to help unclog pipes.

With regard to Life policies, you have the option of taking out Level Term Life Insurance with no premium increase for 10 years, guaranteeing the same death benefit and the same level of payments throughout the term.

LIBERTY SEGUROS really has you covered and always has your real needs in mind, so it’s no surprise that it’s still the preferred insurer for expatriates in Spain.

To find the location of your nearest broker/agent, simply visit or call 91 342 25 49.

* Minimum conditions and premiums will apply.

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