Philadelphia’s Billy Lanzilotti has been rejected by his fellow Republicans for a possible ‘ballot harvest’

A GOP precinct leader in Philadelphia was forced out of office on Saturday after fellow Republicans raised concerns that their colleague was cheating at the local ballot box. The Philadelphia Investigator reports that 23-year-old Billy Lanzilotti of South Philadelphia’s 39th Precinct redirected voters’ mail-in ballots to a post office box registered with his Republican Registration Coalition PAC. Through the potential “ballot harvest” program, Lanzilotti went door-to-door earlier this month to help residents register to vote in a May 17 primary. He reportedly admitted to writing down his PAC’s address rather than the resident’s address for “the voter’s convenience.” After speaking with 12 of the 39 voters who met Lanzilotti at their doorstep, the Applicant found that only two knew he was filling out the form with an address other than their own. It’s unclear whether Lanzilotti broke the law in any way, but the behavior was enough for Republican leaders in Philadelphia to hastily eliminate him. “The Philly GOP takes any allegations of election irregularities very seriously, regardless of political party,” said Republican city committee chair Martina White. Lanzilotti declined to comment on the matter.

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