Philly Airbnb hosts must now apply for licenses under new regulations

Those who seek to become Airbnb the Philadelphia hosts now have a tougher set of rules to follow.

With a new Year came new regulations for hosts in the city, among them the requirement to apply for accommodation licenses.

PhillyVoice Reports that January 1 marked the start of regulations passed by the Philadelphia City Council in the summer of 2021. This action was taken in response to complaints from residents that those who rented Airbnbs would disturb their neighborhood by being too loud, leaving litter and even being violent.

The Philadelphia Inquirer continues to report how residents looking to leverage their space as short-term rentals must now apply for a “limited accommodation operator” license, which comes with a host of other requirements such as obtaining lead paint certification and confirmation that the properties are up to code. No more than three people can stay in an Airbnb at a time.

On top of that, the same PhillyVoice article explains that landlords need a business activity license as well as a zoning permit to rent their home for up to 30 consecutive days. Anyone who rents a property where he do not do it live must apply for a hotel license and zoning permit.

Airbnb itself is also taking proactive steps to ensure people use their platform – and the spaces they rent through it – responsibly: A separate PhillyVoice article states that the company banned one-night bookings of entire house listings on New Year’s Eve to prevent any kind of rowdy party.

“Stays happen every night around the world on Airbnb, with the vast majority of travelers and hosts respecting their neighbors and providing benefits to their local community,” said Naba Banerjee, the company’s Direct of Trust Product and Operations, by press release.

“These proactive defenses will help promote responsible travel and prevent rare instances of unwanted behavior, and allow hosts, guests and communities to enjoy their holiday celebrations with added confidence.”

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