Philly fish markets and grocery stores where you can buy seafood

Whether you’re looking for whole fish, pre-cut fillets, or something more difficult to find, Philly has plenty of options for all of your seafood needs.

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We wrote about the great seafood revival of Philly last year – how, for a city surrounded by so much water (and so close to the ocean), there are relatively few great seafood restaurants of the sea and few ways to get your hands on the best shore stuff. But with a resurgence of city-wide interest in seafood (plus the pandemic, which you know has dramatically improved access to restaurant-grade ingredients for home cooks) has come. ‘great new options for buying seafood. Here are the places we turn to.

Small world seafood, several locations
Robert Amar’s seafood pickup program started out as a way to deliver pandemic groceries to his neighbors and has grown into a business in its own right. Sign up for his weekly emails, where he walks you through the week’s deals, then pre-order for pickup at one of his delivery points on Thursday or Friday.

Samuels Seafood, South Philly
Some of the best sushi and seafood restaurants in Philadelphia get their fish from Samuel’s, which should be an indication of the quality of their product. If you’re looking for something special, like eel or cockles, these are the people to call. Go to their South Philly market or have it delivered to your doorstep via Giuseppe’s Market, what they call the customer side of their operation.

Anastasi seafood, Italian market
Anastasi is both a market and a restaurant, so you can go there for a meal and leave with your next meal. They offer prepared seafood salads, as well as fresh and frozen products at good prices that they will be happy to advise you on how to cook.

Marco fish market, Italian market
When Queer Eye arrived in Philly several years ago, they helped Marcos Tlacopilco move from Marco’s Fish Market to Alma Del Mar, the Mexican seafood restaurant in the Italian market. But the fish market is still open, and the seafood is fresh, affordable, and sold by some of the friendliest people in the neighborhood.

John Yi Fish Market, Downtown
Located inside Reading Terminal Market, John Yi Seafood has long been a staple in the city. For almost 40 years, they’ve been offering fresh and cooked fish, shellfish, lobster, and plenty of ready-to-cook meals to help you get dinner ready fast.

Hung Vuong Food Market, South Philly
If you know what to look for, Hung Vuong is a great place for some very fresh and very affordable seafood. At the back of the store, the seafood section is semi-self-serve, and you’ll need a solid backbone to get to the front of the line. Just take a plastic basket, fill it with whatever you want, then hand it to one of the guys working behind the counter. If you buy whole fish, be sure to ask them to clean it for you, unless you want to make a huge mess in your own home.

Fishadelphie, several locations
For people who love seafood and are ready to try new types, Fishadelphia’s Seafood Club is a great option. For $ 24 per week, you will receive a regular delivery of New Jersey seafood. Choose between whole fish (which you’ll have to clean yourself) or fillets, and get ready to cook. Pick-up points are available throughout the city.

H Mart, several locations
This upscale Korean grocery chain is constantly stocked with excellent seafood, which is worth visiting any of the three stores near the city. Find octopus, catfish, squid, all kinds of shrimp and more. They’ll clean and even fillet the whole fish for you, so be sure to ask.

Philadelphia Caviar Co., home delivery
If you want caviar, you want the best. Philadelphia Caviar Co. has the best. All sourced from the USA and delivered right to your doorstep with potato chips, crème fraîche and other classic caviar accessories.

Fishtown Seafood Company, home delivery
Fishtown Seafood is the latest addition to the direct-to-consumer seafood space in town. Without favoring local products, they offer high level traceability which guarantees quality and freshness. In addition, there is no minimum order for delivery.

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