Philly Hottie House Airbnb: Local Artist Spices Up Oxford Circle Space

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Philadelphia’s most Instagrammable (and arguably sexiest) experience is located in a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home just off Roosevelt Boulevard.

Dubbed The Hottie House, this Northeast Philadelphia Airbnb is marketed as “WAP-inspired.” It’s designed to accommodate a pretty unique set of activities: bachelorette weekends, lingerie and thirst trap photo shoots, or your first encounter with a dominatrix.

A stay in this cute crib will currently lead you around $167 per night — not including cleaning fees, of course — and availability seems to be open from mid-April to the end of June.

The house is the project of a 26-year-old local creative director, makeup artist and YouTuber named Red Mermaid through his businesses. Think of the space as a mix between a photo-centric experience (like the new Museum of illusions) and a classic photo studio, with the aim of inspiring content as much as being enjoyed on vacation.

“I write, direct and contract for Philadelphia models, artists and businesses,” Redd, a Delaware native who has worked with Philly talent for two years, told Billy Penn. “I originally created the space because I felt like it was so hard to find sexy content spaces to style my videos and photos.”

The Hottie House / Airbnb

Sexy is definitely the key word here.

The Hottie House comes with many standard Airbnb rates, like a fully equipped kitchen, toiletries, and a folder of nearby amenities. But it also features things you’d find earlier on the set of a 2008 Lil Wayne video than a hotel room.

The space opens to a luminous affirmation mural painted by local muralist and designer 7GOD. Want that extra boost? “I’m hot, I’m getting paid, I’m sexy,” the wall shouts at guests in bold black type.

Each room has a distinct vibe. The first is jungle-themed, with a neon sign on the bed frame welcoming you to the jungle (in case you forgot). Vines drape from the ceiling and the walls are patterned in dense tropical foliage. According to social media posts, it also looks like you can rent a snake.

The master is called the “Lovers Dominatrix Bedroom,” complete with a stripper bar, a custom heart-shaped bed, and a set of dominatrix toys (the Airbnb listing says they’re just “props”).

The apartment is also equipped with essentials for content creation, such as light rings, full mirrors for adjustment controls, and plenty of neon lights to set the mood for your photo shoot. (We’re thinking red for boudoir shoots but green to show off your new IllExotics reptile collection).

Redd said the majority of bookings so far have been for personal use, but she designed the space with the up-and-coming artist in mind. The other side of the Hottie House is a creative concierge service, where Redd coordinates prop rentals, video and photo shoots, and even creative direction.

“I made the house for myself, but put it on Airbnb for everyone to use,” she said. “It’s very hard to find content spaces that have this sexy, vibrant vibe, and not everyone can afford to have a set built from scratch.”

Redd began scripting the Hottie House about 6 months ago, and the goal was to emulate the aura of Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion’s hot girl anthem, “WAP.” In the fantastical and borderline surreal music video, Cardi and Meg walk through a mansion filled with aphrodisiacs: animal prints, reptiles, and boob-shaped fountains.

The Hottie House is similar, although more realistic. It cost about $13,000 to paint, style and refurbish, Redd said, and she did most of the manual work herself. Many selfie walls have come together as standard craft projects, with Redd ordering materials from Amazon.

Redd told Billy Penn that she curated artwork throughout the house from artists in the Philadelphia area. Guests can scan a QR code at the entrance which can provide them with details about each creator.

Looking to spice up your Hottie House experience?

Redd said she can provide video shoots, massages, a private chef and, yes, exotic pet rentals. She also said that more services and equipment will be available soon.

Redd cautions, however, that the space isn’t for everyone, so pearl lovers and off-line boyfriends don’t need to book.

“Home is for girl trips,” Redd said, “the kind of thing where people think anything can be an Instagrammable moment.”

The Hottie House / Airbnb

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