Potterhead is renovating a Yorkshire home into a ‘Harry Potter’ themed Airbnb

Some Airbnb hosts go above and beyond to provide their guests with an escape from the monotony of reality. In California, there’s the spooky Airbnb that replicates the classic Disney’s Haunted Mansion. In Montana there is the lovely Airbnb Hobbit House imitate the County of The Lord of the Rings. And now in Yorkshire, England, Potterheads can enjoy the new magic Harry Potter– a themed terraced house called 101 House at the End for £198 ($248) a night.

A room in the Yorkshire “Harry Potter” themed Airbnb is shown.

A photo of the "Harry Potter"-inspired by Airbnb in Yorkshire shows the addition of a golden snake in the shower.

A photo from the ‘Harry Potter’ inspired Airbnb in Yorkshire shows the addition of a golden snake in the shower.

A photo of the dining room "Harry Potter"- Airbnb inspired in Yorkshire is featured.

A photo of the Airbnb’s dining room inspired by “Harry Potter” in Yorkshire is shown.

It took designer Hannah Chapman three months to renovate her £232,000 ($291,000) two-bedroom property in York into every Potterhead’s dream, complete with levitating candles, a cauldron and a potions cabinet . Do not worry; Snape can’t poison anyone here. The cabinet is filled with only the most benevolent elixirs. The home renovation project cost Chapman around £40,000 ($50,000).

We can’t help but wonder if Chapman is a Slytherin, given the house’s obvious homage to the more nuanced Hogwarts house. Both in the bedroom and in the bathroom, Chapman chose emerald green as the main colors (the main color of Slytherin house). She even added a golden snake in the shower to evoke the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets bathroom.

Do not be too long; book your visit at 101 House at the End today!

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