Private hospital plans in Poole draw objections from residents

Dozens of objections have been lodged against plans for a new private hospital in Poole.

The main plans for the 11,606 square meter hospital in Talbot Village, between the town’s universities and Talbot Heath, have been filed by Nuffield Health.

The application forms part of Talbot Village Trust’s plans for an ‘Innovation Quarter’ on the grounds of Highmoor Farm.

The so-called “Innovation Quarter” is said to be a development dedicated to the creative and digital industries.

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But, as the Daily Echo described when submitting the plans, the scheme has proven controversial for some residents, with more than 3,600 people signing a petition against the hospital.

Now dozens of comments have been sent to the council in response, many against the plans.

A resident said: “This abomination is swallowing up the remaining fragments of wildlife-rich land.

“Increased human activity will also have an extremely negative impact on the nearby moor. Build it elsewhere.”

Echo of Bournemouth:

Another wrote: “The destruction of this beautiful moor cannot happen, leading to the loss of habitat for many species of birds, animals and insects.

“Increased traffic and congestion on an already congested Wallisdown Road just doesn’t make sense.”

One resident said: “I think this is completely inappropriate as it would cause a serious loss of much needed and valued green space and lead to an unacceptable increase in traffic volumes and air pollution.

“A development of this nature should be carried out on a brownfield site, of which there are several within a reasonable distance.

“Talbot Village Trust seems determined to get rid of the farm, which is a much-loved feature of the area, which provides support for wildlife, and can rightly be described as a community asset.

“Retention of the farm would eliminate the need for a moorland support area. The present character of the village is a reasonable combination of university buildings and residential properties which would suffer seriously if this application were approved.”

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And another person said: “The moor is precious both for the wildlife that lives there and for the mental health of the people who use it.

“Once built, we can never reclaim this beautiful green space, whereas a hospital can be built on a brownfield site.”

Echo of Bournemouth:

Over 1,300 jobs could be created if permission is granted and studies suggest the development could boost the local economy in the region by £97 million in gross value added (GVA) per year.

Nick Ashley Cooper, Chairman of Talbot Village Trust, said, “The Innovation Quarter is a unique opportunity to create positive transformational impact for BCP and the region.

“The aim is to support both universities and provide better prospects for young people and families to live, work and contribute to the BCP area. The proposals, developed in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, are aligned with the economic strategy of BCP Council and Dorset LEP.

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