Providing farmers with real-time yield mapping data, Green Growth generates $200,000 in pre-seed funding

Agtech start-up based in Riga Green growth secured $200,000 in a pre-seed investment from New Nordic companies. Combined software/hardware, Green Growth’s agricultural analytics solution provides farmers with detailed yield maps, which ultimately drives efforts to optimize agricultural production. The new funds will allow the startup to continue product development and cultivate new soil in the marketing and sales departments.

Somewhat in line with what London-based Gardin does with its optical sensor technology, but on a plant-by-plant basis, Green Growth uses hardware and software to push the boundaries of optimized farming practices.

According to the startup, the hardware component of their solution can be mounted on any combine harvester and uses optical sensors to measure and analyze what is harvested. Combining this information with a GPS antenna and the output results in a heat map of which areas of a given field are performing well and which are not.

Going even further, thanks to the company’s proprietary algorithms, farmers receive actionable insights, reducing fertilizer use by 10% in part of their fields, for example, to achieve optimal land use. .

“Performance monitoring is simply essential as an absolute indicator of operating efficiency. This is why it is so important to have accurate and timely information on the land productivity of every square meter of farmland. We see our mission as bringing the best cutting-edge technologies to the agricultural industry,” explained the CEO and co-founder. Alfiya Kayumova. “This will ensure farmers have the ability to use fewer inputs, while generating greater production, with the added benefit of respecting long-term soil management and future generations of farmers.”

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