Rent ACE FREHLEY’s old house on AirBNB and live like the space man

A house that belonged to the former To kiss guitarist Ace Frehley would be available for rent on AirBNB. The home in Wilton, CT belonged to Frehley from 1979 until he sold it in 1986, although space man first vacated the home in 1983. The 64,000 square foot home features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, plus an iron gate and stone bridge that leads to the very secluded 3-acre property on which sits. the House.

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And, because no lavish rock estate is complete without an underground tunnel that leads to a recording studio, this rental gives you an architect-designed studio. John Storykwho also helped develop the Electric Ladyland studios in New York.

Speaking in an interview with History of KISS concerts, Story said, “You know, it’s kind of funny because artists who have their own studio at home now, it’s like buying a loaf of bread. It’s a daily occurrence. It doesn’t matter.

“Then it was a slightly novel idea for an artist to have a ‘commercial-grade’ studio. When I say that, I mean a glorified recording studio. There was nothing non-commercial besides the fact that it wasn’t going to be a commercial studio. And also, it wasn’t a giant studio – ace didn’t need a giant studio. He needed room for three, four musicians.”

You too will need a party of three or four people – to split the bill if you decide to spend a few days. The cost per night at the old Chateau Spaceman? Around $750 a night, which is pretty expensive even for a place with hiking trails, a hot tub, a sauna, and your own private studio to kick off the demo you’ve planned. Still, luck could be yours—click here to see the list of rentals.

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